March 28

10 Items Frugal Minded People Avoid Buying


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10 Items Frugal Minded People Avoid Buying

Saving money and being frugal is a lifestyle for millions of people.  Each and every day, frugal-minded people are looking for deals or ways to save money, rather than find items to spend money on.  Some items are a necessity to buy, but many are not.  Being able to live frugally causes individuals to truly assess their needs versus their wants and to plan a budget and live according to that budget.  If you live the frugal-lifestyle, you know exactly what that means.  If you're interested in living a more frugal-lifestyle, there are steps that you can take to get there! First, set a budget based on your needs and what you HAVE to pay. Second, avoid buying certain items.  Need help on identifying some of those items? Here are some suggested items to avoid when trying to live frugally.

Bottled Water.  Stop buying bottled water.  It's one of the most inflated items that one can purchase.  Why?  Because water is free right from the tap.  Instead of spending your hard-earned money on bottled water, invest in a reusable water bottle with a filter that you can refill over and over, forever.

Books.  At least not paying full price. We frequent the library a lot. I don't like to keep a lot of paperbacks because of space so I also like to read on my kindle. Amazon has a ton of free and cheap books! Kindle Unlimited is $10 a month and you can read from thousands of books.

Cable.  Watching the latest and greatest TV shows aren't a priority to the frugal-minded.  With so many options now for online viewing or even movies available to check-out from your library, the need to pay monthly for cable isn't a priority. We enjoy Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Brand-name Items.  Many times, the generic item is just as good, if not the exact same, as brand-name items.  Why spend more for a label when it's the product that counts?

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Expensive coffee.  The need to have Starbucks or Panera coffee every day adds up! That was a very bad habit of mine. Instead of spending over $3 or more for your coffee habit daily, why not make it at home for mere cents? I like to make a large tumbler to-go.

Brand New Cellphones.  While it's tempting to have the latest and greatest cell phone out there on the market, do you really have an extra $400 or so lying around to make that purchase?  Even the older model smartphones are still great for your basic searching the web and are TONS cheaper as well.

Out of season fruits.  Have you ever noticed how expensive a watermelon can be in December?  It's so much cheaper to buy fruit when they are in-season.  Plan accordingly!

Designer Purses.  Purses can be a big deal, and are important to many…but having a designer purse can be a ton of money but is it really a need?  A least not one that is full price. If you have no money left over to store in your purse, it defeats the purpose of buying a designer one, right? I've picked up some really cute designer purses on the cheap at TJ Maxx.

Fast-food. Fast-food can be tempting, but those costs add up!  Rather than spending $20 through the drive-thru trying to feed your family, use that money to head to the store and find healthier options that are on sale and will last longer and much more nutritious.

Full-priced clothes.  There can be so many great deals on clothing items that it seems silly at times to pay full price for anything clothing related.  When shopping, always cheap out the deals that are on clearance or on sale! I like stores like TJ Maxx and I've even bought straight from China.. although sometimes that can be hit or miss.

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Being frugal is not the same as being cheap.  Many people tend to get the two confused, but they are not similar in any way.  Frugal-minded people aren't looking for shortcuts on how to enjoy things, but they are cost conscious about the way that they spend their money.  When living the frugal lifestyle, it's important to understand the importance of spending your hard-earned money on things that you want to spend it on, rather than feeling like you have to spend your money on items just to try to keep up with a certain class or expectation.  If you are frugal, be proud of the fact that you are good with your money!  Many people strive to be like you each and every day!


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