May 24

15 Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls


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toilet paper roll crafts

 15 Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls
{Photo Credit: Train and Bird Feeder}

If you’re looking for frugal crafts, start with using items you have in your home! Today’s item? Toilet paper rolls! You can use these to make SO many items, from trains and cars to telescopes and binoculars! You can even use them to make bird feeders!

Your kids will have hours of fun with these craft ideas, and you probably have most, if not all, of the items you need for them around the house!

15 Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Roll and Egg Carton Train – This is a super fun idea for all of you with train-lovers at home! My daughter loves trains, so we may make this using pink and purple for a princess train!

Toilet Paper Tube Snake – Not only will your kids have fun making this one, but they’ll have fun using it to slither around to scare people with, too!

Toilet Paper Roll Telescope – What kid wouldn’t want their own telescope? This is a frugal way to make a personalized one!

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars – Your kids need binoculars  to go with their telescopes, right?? Here’s a simple way to make them!

Peanut Butter Bird Feeder – What better way to teach your kids about bird feeders than by making one with peanut butter! I’m totally making this one with my kiddo!

Love Bugs – This butterfly craft uses a Valentine’s Day theme, but you can use any color you want!

Super Hero Cuff – Let your kids be their own Super Heroes, complete with handmade Super Hero Cuffs!

Tree – How cute is this 3-D tree?? My daughter would love to make this!

Binoculars – If your kids like binoculars, make them their own using toilet paper rolls!

Race Cars – How cool are these toilet paper roll race cars?? The directions aren’t in English, but it’s easy to figure out how to make them from the pictures!

Bumble Bee – This is another super cute craft using just a toilet paper roll and cardstock or construction paper!

Owls – Use toilet paper rolls, cupcake liners and cardstock or construction paper to make these adorable owls!

Pencil Holder – Need something in which to keep your child’s pencils, crayons or markers? Use a toilet paper roll to make a pencil holder, and let your child decorate it!

Rocket – If your kids are into space, they can use toilet paper rolls to make rockets!



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  1. Instead of me throwing out the toilet rolls,I can make some fun crafts this Summer with the kids. It looks like a lot of fun to make the Bumble Bee!

  2. Some of these crafts I have done with my kids, but others are new. I am looking forward to doing them with my grandsons.

  3. I need to start saving toilet paper rolls and make some of these with my 3 year old grandson. I really like the bird feeder idea.

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