November 26

3 Things to Look for in a New Neighborhood When Living with Your Family


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Are you about to uproot your family and move in the near future? Maybe you’re just trying to learn where to live in LA that might be perfect for you and your family. Or maybe you’re relocating to Bellevue, WA and apartments from seem like an excellent choice for your family situation at the moment.

No matter what you might be thinking, just know that there are certain things to look for in a neighborhood when you plan to move with your family. Many of the things we’re going to tell you below are non negotiable, so you really need to pay close attention to the neighborhood situation to determine if it’s the best fit for you and your loved ones.

With that said, we will now take a look at some things to look for in a new neighborhood whether you can afford the place right now or if you plan to supplement your family’s income by working online. Just know that these ideas are perfect for every situation.

  1. Ask Questions

When you first begin the task of looking at new homes to purchase or new apartments to rent, you’ll most likely have a trusted real estate agent with you showing you potential places to live. While you have this valuable resource at your side, you need to use it to your advantage by asking the right questions.

As an example, if you plan on moving into a neighborhood and you have young children, you’ll need to know if the streets are quiet or busy, so ask the real estate agent about it. You’ll need to find out if the schools are close or far away. Again, you can ask your real estate agent to help you with this information.

You’ll also want to determine if things are in walking distance, whether or not the neighborhood has a park for kids to play in, if there are restaurants and shopping centers in the area, if the neighborhood is brand-new or an older development and you’ll want to know if it’s a good community of people that get to know one another and have each other’s backs.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open While Discovering New Neighborhoods

As you look at different homes or apartments to rent, you should spend some time walking through these neighborhoods to get a better idea of the lay of the land. By walking through the neighborhood, you’ll be able to get a sense of what’s going on in the area and this will help you determine if this is the right place for you to live.

While walking, look at the houses and apartment buildings if you’re moving to a city block. Is there graffiti all over the sides of the buildings? Are the front yards in shambles or do they look nice? Do the houses look like they are in good condition or does the neighborhood need work?

Depending on your answers to the questions above, you’ll know if you’re in the right neighborhood to meet your needs. So remember to walk through these neighborhoods with your eyes peeled and discover if this is the right place for you and your family.

  1. Property Taxes

Owning a house is a huge expense to say the least. If you plan on buying instead of renting, you should ask the real estate agent about current tax rates in the city, town, or village of your choice. Believe it or not, some areas pay such high taxes that it might end up being over your monthly or yearly budget. So discover the current property taxes as soon as you can to determine if this is the best way to spend your hard-earned dollars.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, there’s a lot to think about when moving to a new neighborhood with your family. Use the information we shared above to your benefit. It will help you determine if a specific neighborhood is the perfect fit for you and your loved ones.



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