May 20

3 Ways to Update Your Home Décor this Summer


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3 Ways to Update Your Home Décor this Summer

Summer is a great time to try to refresh the look of your home. The warm weather and sunshine may inspire you to brighten up your space, or you may be inviting family and friends over and want to impress them with a new look. Whatever your inspiration, here are three simple ways to revamp your home décor.

  1.     Add pops of color. Summer is full of bright colors from lush, green grass to vibrant blooming flowers. Use the outdoors for your inspiration and bring some color into your home. A neutral room can be dressed up with by adding a few colorful accents. This can include throw pillows, curtains, or a rug. These additional accents can also add interest by introducing texture and variety. For example, a couple of vibrant coordinating pillows with lace or ruffles can add color as well as dimension to a monochromatic sofa. Color can also be brought into the home using flowers, which instantly brightens up a room and will make your home smell floral and fresh. Changing out your living room curtains is a great way to add a pop of color and you can change them out seasonally for an inexpensive but dramatic effect.
  2.     Add a rug. As mentioned above, the addition of a rug is a great way to add color to your home. A rug can also be used to tie together the look of a whole room. One popular rug trend right now is the shag area rug. Modern shag rugs are desired for their soft and plush feel, and they can give a room a sleek and luxurious quality. Many shag rugs used in modern decorating are neutral in color. However, brightly colored shag rugs can be found for the more adventurous decorator. There are multiple things to consider when purchasing a shag rug such as weight, material and color. A variety of shag rugs can be found online and you can find a great selection of cheap shag rugs here.
  3.     Repurpose old furniture. When thinking about updating your home décor, don’t throw out your old furniture. Instead, try to recycle your furniture for a new purpose, or simply apply a coat of paint to make it seem brand new. Repurposing furniture is very trendy right now and many old, outdated pieces can be made into something completely new. For example, if you have an old dresser, it can be refreshed with a coat of paint and new hardware to make a new TV stand. You can even double-up with these tips and paint a piece of furniture in a nontraditional color for an updated piece of furniture plus a pop of color! One super fun and trendy way to do this is to paint the inside of a bookshelf, which will add color and interest to a functional piece. Other examples of upcycled furniture include transforming a coffee table into an ottoman or making an old headboard into a bench. With a little bit of imagination and craftsmanship, your old furniture can be turned into something beautiful and new.



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  1. These are great tips to help update my decor for Summer. I wish I could repurpose my couch. I wonder what can be done to make a old couch look great. But I like to repurpose old furniture. I did that this summer on some old chairs.

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