November 12

4 Reasons Why Moms Shouldn’t Put Off a Doctor’s Appointment


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4 Reasons Why Moms Shouldn’t Put Off a Doctor’s Appointment

Moms are basically the busiest people on the planet. Not only do they have to manage their own professional, social, and personal lives, but they have to do the same for their children. Moms work crazy hours and it’s easy to see why an overworked mom might decide to skip events or activities she might otherwise value. The bad news here is that plenty of adults don’t schedule regular appointments with their doctors because they feel they don’t have the time –– or they feel they don’t need to see a medical professional. Yet, it’s crucial that moms see their physician on a consistent basis. And to further our point, here are four reasons why moms shouldn’t put off a trip to the local M.D.:

“Feeling Healthy” Is Not the Same as “Being Healthy”

Just because you feel “fine,” it doesn’t mean that you have a clean bill of health. Indeed, some conditions can remain asymptomatic for months, or even years, after initial contraction. For example, it’s entirely possible for someone to have a potentially dangerous disease –– like an STD –– for years and not even realize it. (Fortunately, you can find STD testing same day services in virtually all major cities.) Skipping a trip to the doctor could allow an asymptomatic condition to worsen and cause serious (and otherwise avoidable) health problems.

Familial Health is Communal

The health of one family member almost always affects the well-being of those around them. As such, mothers of young children need to make their own health a priority in order to protect those around them. Moms living in households with very young or very old family members in particular should see their doctor about disease-preventative measures, like flu shots. Influenza might not be serious for a healthy young woman, but it can pose grave health issues for both the very young and elderly.

Smarter Dietary & Lifestyle Choices

Doctors can help ease the strain on busy moms by supplying them with key recommendations for diet and exercise habits. And the better you know your doctor, the more informed –– and helpful –– their advice will be!

Peace of Mind

While it’s obviously important to look after your physical health, it’s just as vital to pay attention to your mental well-being. Going to the doctor can ease any nagging concerns that might be weighing on your mind. If you’ve ever felt nervous about a tight hamstring or a mysterious mole on your shoulder, then you know how disconcerting these little ailments can be.

Given all these facts, moms should carve out a couple of times a year to speak with their doctor. Doing so will be beneficial for you and your family.


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