September 26

5 Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring is So Popular


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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring is So Popular

We all know how much punishment the kitchen floor endures and for many Australian homeowners, vinyl flooring is the obvious choice, as it offers good looks with incredible durability. If you are planning on reflooring for any reason, or are about to build, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with vinyl flooring, in no particular order.

  1. Eco-Friendly Solution – Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) offer the green homeowner an eco-friendly flooring solution. There are no heavy metals – or the use of formaldehyde – and no solvent-based inks are used, making for a durable, attractive and very eco-friendly choice. It is both fire resistant and toxic gas free and will not warp or move in extreme temperature changes, and if you had your heart set on a hardwood floor, you’ll be happy to learn that LVT comes in a range of stunning timber grain finishes. We all need to concern ourselves with the carbon footprint we leave behind with any home improvements and by choosing vinyl as a floor covering, you are being eco-friendly.


  1. Extreme Durability – LVT is made by compressing multiple layers under very high pressure, with the top layer an industrial grade protective membrane, which sits on a high-resolution digital image, hence the amazing finish. The multiple layers are laid at different angles, giving optimum strength and water resistance. Vinyl flooring is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where the other rooms are either hardwood or stone, and a matching design will retain the overall balance throughout the home. Alternatively, install LVT in every room, making for a comprehensive flooring solution that will stand the test of time, which wouldn’t cost a fortune either. The outer layer is scratch resistant and designed to protect the flooring from scuffs and will stand up to many years of normal wear and tear.


  1. Soft and Warm Underfoot – One thing timber flooring does have is level of warmth and softness and LVT offers a similar experience, using a backing that absorbs sound and movement and retains the warmth. There is a range of backings that can be used with vinyl and the installation team would ensure that the flooring was correctly seated. Typically, the flooring comes with a thin cork backing, which gives the flooring a soft, warm feel, which is also silent, and providing the flooring is installed correctly, there will be zero movement.


  1. Silence – Ask any homeowner who has an ageing hardwood floor about noises and they will confirm that creaks and squeaks come with the territory. Timber naturally moves with the changing temperatures and the difference between summer and winter temperatures is enough to cause a few creaks here and there, whereas LVT is completely silent and there is zero movement. There’s nothing more annoying that a noisy floor and by choosing LVT, you can be sure of a silent walking experience that will stand the test of time.


  1. Extremely Low Cost – When compared to solid timber or stone, LVT is very favourable, in fact, vinyl can compete with any other flooring materials regarding cost. If its value for money you’re looking for, luxury vinyl is the ideal choice and with stunning finishes in timber, stone and slate, you lose nothing in the appearance stakes. If you had your heart set on a solid timber floor, vinyl will give you the look and feel of solid wood, but without the high cost that is associated with solid timber flooring.

When you compare LVT to other flooring materials, it is the only one that ticks all the boxes and with optimum durability and resistance to fire and water, there isn’t a better material for your floors. If you would like to explore the possibility of having LVT flooring, an online search should take you to a leading local supplier and be selecting an established business, you are assured a perfect installation and can enjoy the peace of mind a long warranty brings.



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