March 28

7 Inexpensive Ways to Refresh Your Patio

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Refresh Patio7 Inexpensive Ways to Refresh Your Patio

Spring is coming, which means it is time to start thinking about perking up your patio! An outdoor patio

is the perfect place to find some rest, relaxation, and quality family time, so creating a space that is a

reflection of you is important. If you want to refresh your patio space but don’t feel like it is in your

budget, think again. Take a peek below at 7 inexpensive ways to refresh your patio and get the look you

want for less.

1. Try a new coat of stain.

If your wood patio or wooden patio furniture is looking dull, try giving it a coat of fresh stain. This helps

the wood look clean, rich, and even protects it. Plus, you can get a gallon of stain for less than $20. This

is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your patio or furniture.

Cans with color paint, roller brush and color guide isolated on white background

2. Pull out the paint.

Try a coat of paint to add a pop of color to your patio. This can mean painting the furniture or even an

accent piece a bright color. Concrete slab floors can even be painted to look like there is carpeting. Let

color refresh the space and see what you can add a coat to for an instant pick me up. Try one of the

many exterior paints/spray paints that are now on the market in a huge assortment of colors. They are

so easy to use!

3. Utilize large planters.

Large planters filled with container garden appropriate plants add color and purpose. Large planters

make a statement and help fill the space, while also adding plants that provide food, flowers, or both.

This can also help add fragrance to the area which is always nice. You can even try installing planters

that have trellises on them so you can create a green wall to section off the patio space.

4. Add some height.

Make your patio pop by adding some interest through height. This can be via tall plants such as King Tut

or even potted sunflowers. Or, you can place tall candle holders on the patio table or end tables. Height

is a wonderful way to add a layer of texture and interest.

Party Decorations

5. Bring the indoors…out!

One of the best ways to make a patio feel cozy is through accents that you would typically find indoors.

Try bringing out weather safe candle holders, vases, frames, and artwork. This makes the patio feel

more like an actual living space and not just as outdoor patio.

beige bast chair with luxurious side table
beige bast chair with luxurious side table

6. Embrace the power of linens.

Linens can really soften an area. Use bright tablecloths, throw pillows, and area rugs on your patio to

help make it feel more inviting. The linens can also add a pop of color as well as texture, which can pull

the space together nicely and make it feel more comfortable and home-like.

7. Add sound.

Try a small fountain to help bring in relaxing sounds to the space. You can also try a nearby birdfeeder to

attract song birds, or add wind chimes so you can get sound to the space that way. Adding sound helps

make the space feel more cozy and inviting.

Create the perfect patio when you give these 7 tips for refreshing your patio a try. You are sure to create

a patio space that is inviting, comfortable, and above all functional.


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  1. (7 INEXPENSIVE WAYS TO REFRESH YOUR PATIO) I really like all the great new colors listed up above for a new deck makeover. Would make it so much more enjoyable with a brand new look-

  2. This is good to know, as I’m looking at houses with decks that could use some help, and it can be a turn off to think you have to deal with it, but this is easy and inexpensive!

  3. I painted this summer and really made my back porch area look so much better and I added some nice planters to make it look good with some new spray painted chairs.

  4. Everything at one time or another needs refreshing – even us! It makes us feel better and it makes things look better and probably last longer! That’s why I had to pin this, even though I don’t have a patio.
    These are 7 good inexpensive ways! Thank you for sharing!

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