November 16

7 ways to teach your child about giving this holiday season #Charity


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7waystoteachyourchild7 ways to teach your child about giving this holiday season

Teaching your child about giving is important to do year round. However, many of us are fortunate to have big, elaborate Christmas parties, gifts, etc. Our kids see this, so it's a perfect time to teach them about giving to the less fortunate. Teach your child about giving this holiday season by following these simpl tips.

1. Help close to home. Do you have elderly neighbors? Bake them some cookies, and when you take them over to them, ask if there's anything they need help with. Offer to rake leaves, shovel their sidewalk, any type of manual labor that elderly folks shouldn't have to do!

2. Any time you see someone collecting change outside the grocery store – whether it's for Veterans or puppies – donate your spare change (or more)! Even if you aren't able to donate a  lot, showing your child that you're donating at all will instill the “giving” bug. 🙂 Next time you see the bell ringers, my guess is that your child will want to give their change! Talk to them about where the money goes, why you donate, etc.

3. Pitch in with groups. If you're not involved with your church or child's school already, now is the time to sign up to volunteer! It's always more fun to get together with other parents and children and volunteer. This makes it fun for the kids, too! We volunteered at the local food bank and did an assembly line of kids – they each put a canned good in the box, then passed it to the next. They all felt like an important part of the operation – and they were!

4. Choose a name (or two!) from the Giving Tree. They have these at Walmart, Kmart, Target, and other big stores. Let your child pick the kid they're going to help, then shop with them for the toys or clothes that are on the list.

5. Help the homeless. While there are homeless shelters and such, sometimes they're too full or unable to serve everyone. Volunteer with your child at the local soup kitchen, or get together with your church and bake some bread for the homeless. There's nothing more satisfying than some warm bread and soup when your stomach is empty.

6. Teach your child about giving out of their own pockets. If they get $5 in allowance each week, suggest that they put back $1 each week for a while. They can save up, and then donate to a local shelter, charity, or buy toys for the Giving Tree.

7. Give it away! Have your kids go through their clothes, and give away anything that doesn't fit. Talk to them about the life cycle of the clothes – where they will go next, and who they will help.

<h3>How do get your kids involved with giving during the holidays?</h3>


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