May 5

Easy to Make DIY: Girl’s Bandana Dress


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DIY Girl's $3 Bandana Dress

This sweet and simple DIY: Girl's Bandana Dress can be worn just as is, over leggings, or as a sweet skirt. I opted for these fall colors I found at Hobby Lobby even though it is sleeveless. 

Here in Florida we have a much longer hot season and this way we get to enjoy pretty fall colors but keep our comfort!  This dress could not be simpler and even if you have never sewn in your life you should be able to toss this together, I consider myself a novice still and knocked it out in less than 20 minutes but even I could make this Girl's Bandana Dress.

Let’s get started creating something fun and playful for your sweet little girl, first make a run to your local craft store and pick up 2 bandanas that catch your eye and coordinating ribbon ( this cost dress cost just about $3).

This dress also fits sizes from a toddler to about age 5 or 6. Taller girls will just need shorts or leggings to make it more of a tunic.

bandana dress 3

You will need for this DIY: Girl's Bandana Dress:

2 bandanas

½” grosgrain ribbon

A safety pin

Optional- straight pins

Sewing machine



The first thing you want to do for this girl's bandana dress is fold over the edge of the bandana 1” on the wrong side, iron with a crisp edge to keep your line in place. You can also  pin it all the way across to hold in place if you like. I play a little fast and loose and just fold it and adjust as I sew.  The gather of the top of this dress will disguise any slight unevenness.


Sew across the edge of one fold, ¼” from edge to create a “channel”. Repeat on one edge of the other bandana.Make a light mark or pin 5” down from here on both sides.


Place bandanas back to back so wrong sides are facing out and where you just sewed is at the same end.

Sew up both sides ¼” from the edge, stopping 5” from the top (the top will be the channel that you sewed up) to create your armholes. You may find that depending on the size of your child that the armholes are too large, just go back and sew up another inch or two.

Turn your “dress” so that it is right side out.


Cut 2 -1 yard lengths of ribbon. Attach safety pin to the end of your ribbon and feed it through the channel you made on each side. Singe the edge of your ribbon with a lighter to keep it from fraying.


Slip dress over your child's head, tying the ribbon over each shoulder. Enjoy this Girl's Bandana Dress!


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  1. I am so impressed with this bandana dress! It is so pretty and who would ever know that it came from bandanas! You did a great job in making this dress!

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