March 16

Dog Treats Linked to Illness In Dogs by FDA {USA Made dog treats, in-store value of $50}


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Three big dog treat companies and their chicken jerky treats have been connected with 600+ dogs becoming mysteriously ill, this is the highest number of animals since the FDA first warned consumers in 2007. Nestle Purina, their treats called Waggin' Train or Canyon Creek Ranch chicken jerky treats and Del Monte Corp. Milo's Kitchen Home-style dog treats have both been linked.

Bella, a 2-year-old pug, died last fall after her owner,
Robin Pierre, said she ate Waggin' Train chicken jerky treats.

Both companies' officials claim their treats are safe and FDA regulators say repeated tests show no absolute  tie to any producer or brand. Dogs that are affected may develop kidney failure, liver disease Fanconi syndrome, which can lead to serious illness and death.
Pet owners whose dogs have sickened or died have banded together and put forth a petition banning dog treats manufactured in China, including one petition begun in December which already has 3,400 signatures from people in the US and worldwide.
According to an article on, More than 375 people have signed a petition launched last week by Susan Rhodes, 51, of Port St. Lucie, Fla. She believes her 14-year-old dog, Ginger, may have developed life-threatening kidney failure after eating chicken jerky treats. She was stunned to hear that consumer complaints alone can’t force the FDA — or a company — to recall potentially tainted products.

“That is just unreal. I am not happy with that,” Rhodes said.
For their part, FDA officials said the companies are free to enact a voluntary recall at any time.
While I understand outsourcing products and labor to China may be more cost effective in the long run, these companies are depriving Americans of jobs and risking our animals with unregulated Chinese products. Please support products made in the USA. Not only can you be sure the ingredients have been carefully regulated in all phases of production, you're giving your money back into the US economy.
To help promote US made dog treats, I'm giving away some of my and my dog's absolute favorite Organic, American made pet treats!

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  1. It isn’t just these treats. They are recommending that you wash your hands after touching any dog food, because they have found several that contain salomonella.
    I myself, try to avoid products made in China. They can be just too dangerous.

  2. I have 2 dogs that had seizures on a weekly basis and I stop buying the dog treats I was buying and they stopped and they hadn’t had treats in 6 months and no seizures in 6 months. One day I got some dog treats and by the next day the seizures were back again. I stopped the treats and the seizures stopped. I do not use dog treats or dog food that is made in China for this reason. Thanks for posting this!!

  3. I have fed my dog these treats many times over the years and haven’t seen any health related problems. BUT, now that I know it could happen, I’m going to stick to US made dog treats. It’s sad that this kind of thing can happen to so many pets.

  4. It’s not just dog treats, even toothpaste from China have been tainted with unsafe chemicals. ‘Cause of China’s lack of quality control, I am forced to buy American.

  5. I’m definitely going to read the labels on my dogs treats carefully now, I had no idea they could get sick from them.

  6. That’s horrible! I’ve never fed my dog any of those brands, but I’m definitely going to be more careful and research the treats I buy for her from now on.

  7. I cannot believe that money is so important that companies will risk their customer’s dog’s lives. I will not feed my dog or family members anything made in China. I just don’t trust the quality and safety.

  8. I never get anything from China anymore because my mother is paranoid about exactly (well, with people) this sort of issue…

    So yeah, go USA 🙂

  9. Definitely gives one pause about what we give our 4 legged family members. One reason why I like to make my own…I know what is in them.

  10. wow, I have been really lucky with my dogs it seems, I will pay more attention to where pet products are made from now on for sure.

  11. I prefer American-made products whenever possible. I know companies want to save a few dollars on productions costs by farming it out to other contries where labor is cheaper. But when the quality of the product suffers, it’s not a smart move in the long run. The difference in price isn’t that great and our pets deserve safe food.

  12. I only buy pet food and treats that are made in the USA. It makes me so angry that American companies put us at risk to save on production costs. It also makes me angry that it is so difficult to find pet products that are made in America without going to a pet boutique. The grocery stores andbig box stores are seriously lacking.

  13. I am furious that China hold so much of our market. I think should stop buying things made in China and elsewhere and concentrate on purchasing from suppliers right here at home.
    Or simple make your own doggie treats in your own kitchen.

  14. I am so careful about what I give my dog & cats to eat. Many people would say I spend too much but I believe looking at the ingredients list is so important. I have come to the point where I only buy Canadian foods for my pets since all of these have to be human edible.Thanks for bringing this topic to more people’s attention. Its so important.

  15. Wow, scares me. I fed this brand to my puppy several times. As a matter of fact, just bought the mixed assortment yesterday and these chicken jerky treats are included. Going to go through them all out now. Thank you for posting this. So do people in China buy all American made stuff to be safe themselves???

  16. I love that these are made in America. It breaks my heart for all the dogs suffering from tainted food and treats.

  17. This is very sad. When we first heard about this, my daughters and I came up with a new solution to dog treats. We found a recipe online and we bake them ourselves. Less expensive. From my own kitchen. Many different results… fighting bad breath (with mint), shiny coat…etc. The dogs LOVE them (and I have 3).

  18. i think its absolutely terrible and totally uncaring the perpertrators should be held accountable to the fullest extreme. its unexcusably inhumane

  19. I had never heard this. I think it has been kept quiet and swept under the rug. Thank God I have never served these to my dog.

  20. I think its crazy how the FDA is supposed to regulate and protect people/pets, yet they neve seem to take action when something is really harmful. They need to reevaluate the organization for sure.

  21. I think its horrible..I remember our local store recalling canned catfood which was the store brand because it was making cats sick..not sure where it was made. I want my pets to be safe and I signed the petition

  22. My dogs, all three of them, are part of my family. Can’t imagine having one get ill or die because I gave them something.

  23. It’s crazy to think that there are products out there that people may have alerted the FDA to and we could be unaware of!

  24. all pet food and treats should go thru the same rigid standards as human food. End of story!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  25. I hadn’t heard of this…but Its got me freaked. We don’t buy waggin train treats but we have bought other brands of jerky treats. I have a 7 year old doxie I just adopted him in October and I’d hate for him to develop kidney failure.

  26. I worry about what kind of food and treats I give to my puppy. It is such a shame that this has happened. Good that the word is getting out. Thanks for the giveaway!

    katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. After all the recalls I have started making my dogs food and they look Soooo much better They were fed a high quality (very expensive) food before but the improvement in energy, coat and breath is amazing! Being able to give a healthy USA made dog treat with peace of mind and not having to make them myself would be amazing as my Frenchies love to eat! 🙂

  28. This is sickening to hear. It’s very difficult to avoid though because even if something is made in the USA, some ingredients may still come from elsewhere.

  29. This makes you wonder about all dog treats, but especially chicken treats. I’ll be more careful what I give IKE from now on.

  30. Wow. I really had no idea. Thanks my dogs are my babies.

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