September 12

Easy Avocado Pasta #PublixFlavorExcursion


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EasyAvocadopastaWe are celebrating a Flavor Excursion this September at Publix. Be inspired by recipes featuring cuisine from around the world, from Mexico to Italy. Save money when you buy participating ingredients on brands such as Progresso, Hunt’s, Old El Paso, Kraft, Rotel and Avocados from Mexico.

I love growing a lot of my own food but I can't grow avocados very well here so I'm always excited when they go on sale. I love to make guacamole and this easy avocado pasta dish. You can add cream to this and it will be delicious. I have in the past but we are watching out dairy.

What you need

1lb pasta

2 Avocados from Mexico

1/2 cup shredded Kraft Cheese

3 cloves of garlic

1/2 can of Ro*Tel Diced Tomatoes and Green Chiles

1 bunch of purple basil

1 cup of malabar spinach (or any spinach – but that is what I grow)

1 small lemon

Salt and Pepper to taste

This is extremely easy and very fast to make. I love avocados because they are so healthy with all of the good fats that your brain needs.



First you boil the pasta. While it is boiling you make the sauce. Add the basil, spinach, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper, to the blender or food processor. If you use a blender like I did you will need to add a little bit of water.

Blend well.


I then put it all in a bowl and made sure it was mixed well. I added a little more salt. I got the Ro*Tel diced tomatoes and green chiles ready.


Added the sauce and Ro*Tel my pasta when it was finished.


It was really good! After I plated it I sprinkled the shredded cheese on top. My daughter even added sour cream to hers.


We are going to be making Grilled Chicken taco boats later in the week. There are so many great recipes for the Flavor Excursion going on at Publix.

Check them out here and more recipes from Kraft here 

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  1. I like that the website lists a lot of easy to follow recipes. I would love to try the Oven Parmesan Chicken with Penne Marinara.

  2. I like the recipe called grilled chicken taco boats!

    Entered the Rafflecopter as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  3. Oh wow. Their Oven Parmesan Chicken with Penne Marinara recipe looks like something my son would love to have. He has been asking for something similar to that lately.

  4. I just recently discovered the taco boats and I just love how neat they make dinner and the kids love them so I would make Grilled Chicken Taco Boats

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