July 5

Enjoy Your Summer with Boating


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I've been around boats my entire life. My father had one when I was a child and I remember the dolphins playing around the boat. It is a fond memory of mine and it was something I wanted my girls to experience as well. We often take them out to the intracoastal waterway to go fishing and swimming.

Matanzas Inlet is one of our favorite places to go and we're not the only ones. Boats line up along the shore and anchor in the inlet to spend the day with their friends and families.

We often joke that we live where other people want to vacation but in all honestly many people forget how amazing it is here. As locals we forget to enjoy what Florida has to offer.

If you are a local or on vacation you can enjoy the scenery and you don't even have to own a boat. DiscoverBoating.com has an interactive Go Boating Today tool that generates local options for boat rentals, classes, charters and more, by simply entering a city or zip code.

Boating is definitely a relaxing lifestyle and people you meet are the nicest! Everyone waves and there is a sense of comradery.

But if you live here, why not buy a boat? It's a vacation every weekend!  Check out the boat Selector tool. Find what type of boat fits your lifestyle and budget. Entry level boats start off around $250 a month! Also explore different on-water activities and learn what floats your boat.

Go to Discoverboating.com for more information! Sign up  for the Discover Boating newsletter! Only one email is sent a month and each newsletter features helpful tools and tips on how to get out on the water.



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  1. I go to the lake often during he summer but I don’t do much boating. The kids would really enjoy it though.

  2. We lived in Florida for a while and had a boat. We used to have the dolphins play around the boat, too. One thing I notice is many people just go out and do not know boating rules and do not take good precautions. It can be lots of fun if you do it safely!

  3. We love to go boating and it is fun and a good way to have fun with the family and enjoy the Summer. My kids get a thrill out of riding in the boat and swimming.

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