January 10

Fitting Fitness Into Small Time Slots


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Fitting Fitness Into Small Time Slots

As you may well know, it is important to exercise. Our bodies are strengthened by use. Like most things in life, work makes us stronger. If we don't use our bodies, they become weak and more prone to illness and injury. Most of us are aware that exercise is important for good health. But, like eating well, and getting enough sleep, it is one thing to know that it is good for us and another thing to actually put what we know into practice.

For some, exercise is a routine activity that fits nicely into their lives. For others, it is more of a challenge, especially when their schedule appears full. For the latter group, if that is the group you fall under, rather than say, “I will exercise IF I have time,” I encourage you to say to yourself, “I will exercise WHEN I have time.” Then, check your schedule, find the WHEN, and schedule it on your calendar. If you have no big blocks of time available, then find small time slots that allow for exercise.

Here are ten ways to fit exercise into those small time slots:

1.Use the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator. Look for the stairway and walk or run up the steps. As for the escalator, walk while it is moving rather than stand still.
Walk or run when you have blocks of time. It takes very little time to put on your sneakers and walk or jog outside. In bad weather, the mall is a good place to walk.

2.Park the car a good distance from your destination so you take more steps to get there. Most people search for the closest parking spot to their destination. Not only might it be easier to find a less-popular parking spot further away, you will also get more exercise.

3.Take a quick fitness class at a convenient time for you. Oftentimes, gyms hold fitness classes early in the morning, at lunchtime, and/or after work hours so that working people can fit workouts in.

4.Do a walking meeting, rather than a sit-down meeting. You might find it more fun and energizing to walk and talk to a colleague rather than sit and talk.

5.Make a routine of walking after dinner. Walking after dinner helps your food to settle and digest. Walking also uses calories consumed at mealtime.

6.Plan weekend activities that include exercise. Biking, rollerblading, and hiking are good examples of enjoyable weekend activities.

7.Ride a bike or travel by foot when you can. Opt out of driving when you can travel by foot.

8.Use a treadmill or stationary bike while reading, talking on the phone, or watching television. Multitasking, in this way, makes repetitive exercise more tolerable.

9.Clean the house inside and out for great exercise. Vacuuming, scrubbing household surfaces, and mowing the lawn are great examples of exercise while cleaning.

10.By adding little bits of exercise throughout the day, you keep your body moving. Little bits add up to a lot in the end. What will you do today to fit exercise in?

Kathy Lynch, a nutrition consultant, certified health coach, and founder of http://WellSkills.com, works with busy adults and families to improve their health through balanced nutrition and lifestyle. As a professional speaker, Kathy has presented to many audiences including large corporations, hospitals, schools, parent organizations, government, radio, and television. Kathy has done extensive research on nutrition and health and has written hundreds of articles locally and nationally. As a mother of two, Kathy feels compelled to share what it takes to bring families to optimal health and wellness. Visit WellSkills.com to learn more about Kathy and get WellSkills FREE ezine and resources.


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  1. i know its time for me to get into shape i have to not only for me but my mama to she had a stroke in june and i take care of her right now im her life its all left up to me ill never put her in a nursing home its my place to care for her and with god by my side helping me i will do it it aint easy on me but we gonna make i believe in what i pray for!

  2. i do exercises while i am fixing things in the kitchen or talking on the phone, or blow drying my hair or brushing my teeth….even at the pc i do leg exercises…

  3. ty for the great tips. I actualy started some of these on my own. for example I would give my kingdom for a close parking spot. but, now I make an effort not to do that anymore unless im alone and it is dark outside of course.

  4. Terrific tips to help with finding fitness in a busy day! I always Use the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator, and park far away from door when going to the store to get me more exercise.And the sidewalks have been icy lately, but I ususally walk after dinner.

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