September 24

Easy Halloween Popcorn Balls Recipe


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Halloween Popcorn Balls Recipe

Halloween Popcorn Balls Recipe

Halloween popcorn balls always bring back memories from my childhood. Back then we got homemade treats from our neighbors and the elderly lady down the street always made us popcorn balls. They are fast and easy to make although we can't really hand them out anymore but we can make them for parties.

Two of the things that kids and adults like about Halloween foods are the creepy crawlies and the ghoulish items. The problem is that ghoulish or icky, isn’t always appropriate. And to be honest, even I don’t want to attend a party where everything attacks my senses and imagination. Sometimes I just want to eat something that I can identify, if you know what I mean. We also attend Harvest parties every year with our home school groups and Halloween isn't appropriate and we change this up a little with candy corns, etc…

Popcorn balls are one of the most versatile snacks I've found.  You add all sorts of flavors and you can “dress” them up with gross creepy crawlies for older people or fun items appropriate for the younger children. You can even change them for different holidays.
They are very popular around Christmas in my house too.
These Halloween Popcorn Balls fit perfectly with any crowd and here is how you can make them for your celebration too.



3 cups brown sugar
3 cups corn syrup
1 ½ cups butter (3 sticks)
3 tsp. salt
48 cups popcorn, popped (about 3 cups un-popped kernels)

Makes roughly 36 small popcorn balls



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  1. Try using baking molasses (or Sorgum is very nutritious, has trace minerals, sweeter than blackstrap) instead of the corn syrup and brown sugar- not only is the flavor better, but the popcorn balls will stay fresh a few hours longer as well. Also, the treats will be lower in sugar content.
    Want a ghoul-cool name for them? Giant Spider eggs

    1. I use blackstrap for so much and I don’t eat things very sweet but I post a lot of dessert recipes on here that I only eat on occasion or our contributors post.

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