October 29

Health Tips for Mommy and Babies


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Health Tips for Mommy and Babies

Even though healthcare while pregnant is essential, taking care of yourself and the baby after birth is also of the essence. This is because there are numerous changes that the woman has to adjust to, both emotionally and physically. The changes that come with being a new mother such as learning how to adjust to interrupted sleep can be incredibly overwhelming. If not well prepared, then these might even lead to postpartum depression. Fortunately, the tips below will help you learn how to keep not only yourself but also the baby healthy and create a smooth sailing postpartum phase for both of you.

Take care of hygiene

Good hygiene is super important during postpartum. It is especially critical for your health and that of your baby. Always make sure that you wash or sanitize your hands before you pick your baby, especially after you change your baby’s diaper. This helps prevent infections and allergies. In addition, do not forget about your personal hygiene.

Eat healthily

During pregnancy and also during birth, a woman's body usually undergoes immense changes. For instance, while pregnant, her body usually suppresses the white blood cells to prevent them from rejecting the fetus's foreign cells. As a result, her immune system is usually weak making her more vulnerable to flu, cold, and other infections. During birth, her body undergoes multiple changes, and the only way she can recover and go back to her pre-pregnant state is if she has proper nutrition. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that besides her body, the baby also solely depends on her for the first six months as it is recommended that the baby feeds on nothing else but breast milk. A proper diet enables her to recover quickly and at the same time boosts her milk production thus resulting in a healthy mother and a healthy baby. Below are some of the foods that a mother can eat to help her body recover and boost her immunity.


  • Foods rich in protein- Protein promotes the healing, repair, and growth of new cells which is just what you need to get back to your feet, health-wise. Therefore, even though it is easy to find yourself snacking on carbs, you should try and pick proteins. And some great protein-rich foods to try include red meat, beans, eggs, soy, and seafood.
  • Juice! Juice! Juice!- During those moments when you feel fatigued, irritated, anxious or sad for no apparent reason, taking a glass of fresh fruit juice will help you feel better. This is because a glass of juice is easily absorbed by your body, giving you an instant shot of energy which is what you need to beat the baby blues. Besides boosting your energy, some fruits such as pineapples, contain tryptophan, a chemical which helps trigger the production of the mood stabilizing hormone known as serotonin. Juicing such fruits helps keep you emotionally stable and at the same time boosts your energy. Having a juicer at home offers even more advantage as you can always prepare such juices in advance and keep them in your fridge for intake when the baby blues kick in. If you don't have one, check the internet for guidelines on best juicer before you purchase this marvelous machine for the health initiatives you have taken.




  • Take food rich in iron and calcium- Calcium and iron are also highly essential minerals during postpartum. Calcium helps strengthen your pelvic bones which had undergone changes due to the baby weight and also childbirth. Iron, on the other hand, helps in the creation of new blood cells thus preventing anemia. Therefore, indulge in calcium and iron-rich foods such as dark leafy greens and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese to boost the levels of calcium and iron in your body.



A healthy mum means a healthy baby, and besides proper nutrition, enough rest is required for both of you to be healthy. Never feel guilty about sleeping when your baby sleeps as it is only during this time that you can get uninterrupted sleep. Be kind to yourself and ensure you get as much sleep as you can when your baby is asleep or when you have someone to help you out. Besides, getting enough sleep promotes quick recovery.

Breastfeed more

As mentioned earlier, it is recommended that you breastfeed until six months so you can introduce solid foods. This is because, for the first six months, your baby’s digestive system is still delicate and cannot handle solid foods. Additionally, breast milk contains only the healthy type of fats, proteins, and vitamins among many other nutrients which help boosts your child’s immunity and at the same time promote growth. Therefore, to keep baby healthy, a mother needs to breastfeed more.

Stay hydrated

Lastly, drink lots of water. Always keep a bottle of water within reach and train yourself to drink water even when you do not feel thirsty. This is because your milk production depends on the amount of water you take while the quality depends on what you eat. Additionally staying hydrated prevents you from feeling fatigued and at the same time keeps your skin glowing.

Being new to motherhood can be incredibly stressful, but with the tips above, you can take the stress out of it and instead make a fun time where you get to bond with your baby.



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