December 3

Hot Water Book Review


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Hot Water by Erin Brockovich & Cj Lyons

Hot water is the second book revolving around AJ Palladino, an environmental activist and single mother of a special needs nine year-old boy named David. After returning to her childhood home, the small coal mining town of Scotia, West Virginia, and partnering with her lawyer business partner and friend, Elizabeth, AJ tries to keep her small family together even though a few relationships are hanging by threads. Her parents are shut-ins, her mother turned to hoarding to cope with the death of her son while her father enables her agoraphobic tendencies. On the other side, her son’s grandfather still blames AJ for the death of his son and is actively trying to gain custody of David. Heaped on top of all of this is a potential deadly crisis at a nuclear power plant and a man out to kill AJ and harm everyone she loves.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not much of a real fiction reader, preferring paranormal romance, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, so it took me a little bit longer to get into this book than usual. While I liked the shifting perspective from the first person point of view of AJ to the third person points of view of her son David and friend Elizabeth and enjoyed the bouncing around between characters, the first half of the book seemed slow. I also didn’t feel like the characters were as developed as they could have been.

While this book is supposed to be centered around the environmental aspect of a nuclear plant, it seemed it didn’t really pick up until that part of the story was already wrapped up and AJ was back home. My final impression was this is easy reading that would make a good summer beach book but if you’re looking for real nail-biting suspense and character depth, look elsewhere.

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Cait Lavender is a twenty five year old wife and stay at home mother of one in Central California. Living on a cattle ranch and raising her daughter doesn’t afford her much leisure time, but when she has a spare minute or two she loves riding horses, baking and reading everything she can get her hands on.
Her short story, April Moon is scheduled to be released in an anthology called Wooden Stakes & Silver Bullets December 16th of this year and her full length paranormal romance, Hunter Moon should be out at the beginning of the new year. She’d love to hear from you on her Facebook author page, @caitlavender on Twitter or on her blog,



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