September 30

House Centipede – The Signs of an Infestation


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House centipedes are both good and bad. The centipede will only enter your home and live in it if there are pests to be had. In general, they don’t attack humans. That’s good news because the house centipede is actually poisonous. The good thing is that t doesn’t bite human skin.

If you’re getting bitten it’s highly likely that it’s the pests doing it, not he centipede.

You can find out more info about house centipedes and their popularity in your area by speaking to your local pest control expert. They help you understand the risk and what to do to get rid of them.

There are several things you should know about house centipedes:

  • They are usually an inch longer or longer, they can appear quite scary.
  • House centipedes have 15 pairs of legs and are surprisingly fast.
  • They prefer high-humidity
  • Generally, they are either hunting for food or resting.

As mentioned the house centipede won’t usually bite a human but, it’s good to know the signs of an infestation and eliminate the issue.

High Pest Levels

Centipedes feed on pests such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, and even spiders. If you have a lot of these in your house then the house centipede will be interested in visiting. As long as you have other pests in your home the house centipede will quickly appear.

If you have a lot of pests entering you can assume you have a house centipede issue.

You need to focus on not attracting the pests, this will prevent the centipedes from arriving. Keep sweet foods in sealed containers and wipe surfaces down regularly.

Visible Centipedes

In general, you’ll only see these creatures moving in low light levels. They are extremely fast and can effortlessly walk on walls and the ceiling. If you see one then it’s likely there are more around.

You’re unlikely to find their best as they hide in dark spots around your home. But, it is still possible to see them.

Don’t panic, they won’t hurt you, they are simply warning you that you need to eliminate your pests.

Gaps In House

Centipedes need to get into your home, as do other pests. The easiest way for them to enter is through cracks and gaps in your walls. You’re likely to find these around doors and windows. Carefully inspect your home and fill any gaps you find. This will help to keep all types of pest out.

Feeling Pests  When Sleeping

It is possible you’ll feel pests crawling over you when you’re sleeping. If they are super fast they could be caterpillars. If you notice that you’ve been bitten it won’t be the centipedes but it may be the pests feasting on you and trying to avoid the centipedes.

In other words, you’ll need to treat the wounds from being bitten and speak to the professionals about eliminating pests from your home. It’s worth doing, you won’t just keep the house centipedes away, you’ll eliminate other pests and gain peace of mind.


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