November 26

How to Make Your Wedding Child-Friendly


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Unless you want your wedding to be a black-tie affair, chances are that there will be kids there. Whether they are your kids, nephews, or cousins, you should make some provisions to keep them comfortable during the ceremony. Here are some tips for making your wedding more child-friendly:

Opt for a Destination Wedding

As you probably know, most kids dread weddings because of the uncomfortable clothes and overcrowded accommodations. However, destination weddings are different because they offer new places to explore. More fun-loving couples are opting for cool destinations such as Disney Theme parks to make their ceremonies fun for everyone.


To save money, you can honeymoon at the destination wedding location. If you do not have enough money for a honeymoon, you should find a registry and ask your guests to contribute towards one instead of purchasing wedding gifts.

Choose Stylish Outfits

Children do not like wearing stuffy clothes that restrict their movement. When shopping for wedding clothes such as bridesmaid dresses, you should invite the little ones to choose their outfits. So long as the clothes match the wedding theme, you should allow the kids to choose their favorite styles.


After all, nobody will give too much thought to what the kids will be wearing. Your only job is to make sure that the clothes are decent and that they match the overall wedding theme.

Keep Them Separated

Children are quite unpredictable. If you do not mind a few excited squeals and murmurs during your wedding ceremony, you should allow them to mingle with the adults. However, if you would rather keep the child-related distractions at a minimum, you should have a separate playroom for the little ones.


You should have toys and snacks in the room and allow the kids to play under the watchful eye of a babysitter. Of course, you should not expect all parents to be willing to leave their children with a stranger. However, they might consider doing it at some point when they need some adult company.

Consider the Time

Children throw tantrums when they are tired. For this reason, you should consider having a morning wedding if you want to include kids. However, if you want nighttime nuptials, you should provide a room where the kids can retreat for naptime. An event coordinator can arrange the use of such rooms in advance.


A few minutes of sleep can be enough to re energize a tired toddler. You should also include some playpens in the room for in case the kids wake up.

Help the Parents to Plan

Unless you have experienced it firsthand, it is hard to know the stress involved in bringing a child to a special event. You can save the parents a headache by letting them know the itinerary in advance. The parents can plan potty breaks, meals, and naps around your itinerary.


Moreover, you should let the parents know what time you plan to take pictures. This allows them to prepare their children for the photo session.

Give Them Responsibilities

Some children are energetic by nature but others only become restless when bored. To keep them entertained, you should give the young ones a few responsibilities. If you are close to a child, you can make him or her a flower girl or ring bearer. Older kids can usher guests to their seats and pass out wedding programs.


On your wedding day, you should keep a sense of humor because children are erratic. If you want to have a great time, you should make an effort not to sweat the small stuff. After all, it is your special day.







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