October 27

Howl-O-Ween Tips to Include your Dog in the Halloween Festivities #PurinaPetrified


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Three cute little puppy dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes including a witch, super hero and frog prince

Our pooches are part of our family and we love to dress our dogs up too!
We love for them to be included in the festivities but need to take some precautions

Make sure they have their own treats. Dogs can't eat candy. Even a little bit of chocolate can really harm them. We like to feed Purina products available at Walmart.  Our dog Sampson (RIP) loved Beggin’ Strips Dog Treats With Bacon and now that is what the girls give to my in-laws dogs as special treats.


Dress them up but make sure it is comfortable. They don't trip or hurt themselves.

Are you taking the kids trick or treating? It is a great time to take your dog on a walk but make sure they don't tangle up in Halloween decorations or knock candles down that may be lining a path to the door.

Another great way to include your dog is to carve or paint them on a pumpkin. Walmart has a lot of fun stencils to make it easy for you! PETrify your pumpkin with over 27 carving templates!


 We chose to do the Yorkshire Terrier because my Mother-In-Law has two of them and my girls absolutely adore the pups. This is Abby in the picture with my girls.



My youngest daughter decided she wanted to paint the pumpkin. She is our little artist so we let her paint it before we carve since we carver our pumpkins Halloween Eve. She has already claimed this for her carving pumpkin!

She cut out the template and taped it to the pumpkin then took a sharpie and traced it.






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  1. Cute Pumpkin. I always give my dog treats and he just loves it during Halloween and I dress him up with a funny hat and coat. He loves being there when I answer the door to the trick or treaters!

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