February 5

The Importance of Signs in Advertising


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Advertising continues to grow and evolve as the world of internet marketing takes hold. For business large and small, this can pose a serious question: is physical signage dead in marketing strategy? The short answer is, no, it’s still relevant. The strategy may have changed in what makes it effective. Here’s why signage in advertising is important.

General Function

Physical signs such as flag banners, billboards and the like, all work on behalf of your business to garner general exposure. Street side exposure, whether you’re walking down a street or driving down a highway, still provides key opportunities to present your brand and your name in a position where it will be regularly seen and imprinted on the minds of potential customers. If the same car is driving the same highway every day, and every commute they see your car repair advertisement, they’re far more likely to think of your business in the event of an engine break down, right?


There are several different types of signs that are used in advertising. You have banners and signs that are used on the physical lot of a business to attract eyes and grab the attention of potential customers. Then you have the more general billboards, banners and poster advertisements that you see on the sides of buildings or in subway tunnels and the like. Some types of physical advertising are more relevant in larger cities, but billboards have a general relevance throughout the country. Signs and banners do as well, for how they draw attention immediately to your place of business while informing customers of who you are.

Benefits of Signage

Using different types of signs in your advertising strategy provide effective immediate exposure for your business. If you have more limited funds in your advertising strategy, being selective in the types of signs that you use can help you strategize effectively the way that you attract potential customers, while not breaking your budget. It is one component of a larger marketing strategy, which can include radio, news print, and internet marketing, all working together to garner your business the most exposure.

There are so many facets to marketing. From flag banners to radio announcements, make sure your marketing strategy is working for you to target the customers that are most relevant to your business. Balance is key in most things in life, and that’s true of your marketing strategy as well.




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