June 23

Indoor Plants for your Business


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indoorplantThere are many reasons to add indoor plants to your office space if you have not already done so. Many, many major corporations attempt to cut costs by eliminating plants and other decor from the office, but this tends to backfire. Plants are actually extremely beneficial in the workplace for many reasons. If you don't have plants around, your air and employee morale could suffer. Plants do much more for the office apart from looking nice and adding a blast of color to the space. They are also actually healthy to the environment because they can clean the air and keep it free of VOCs. Various university studies comparing air quality in a plant-filled environment with the air in spaces without plants show time and time again that plants mean healthier air. Having plants in your office might also boost employee productivity by as much as twelve percent.

Additionally, your employees will feel less stressed overall and as a result your rate of employee retention may increase. Wouldn't an office with a low turnover rate be a great thing? Overall, plants tend to create a much more positive environment wherever they are located, and happy employees are almost always better workers. Another surprising benefit of plants in the office is that they can actually help with noise problems. Employees have a hard time focusing on work when there is a lot of distracting background noise. When there are a lot of plants present, background noise levels may be reduced by as much as five decibels. If you aren't good at selecting and arranging plants but would like to have them in your office space, you can always consider the services of an office plant hire company. Using plant hire services means you'll get help with selecting the right plants, arranging them and also ongoing plant maintenance. The maintenance is especially helpful if you don't know a lot about taking care of plants and keeping them alive. These companies will let you rent the plants for a specific length of time. A good example of a plant hire company providing these services is Gaddy's Plant Hire.


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