December 13

Kerflip Board Game Review And Sweeps!


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We received a copy of the unique board game Kerflip! for review and we cannot stop playing. “KerFlip is an exciting, shoot-from-the-hip style word game that rewards you for making words faster than your opponents can. ”  My family is very competitive when it comes to gaming, and Kerflip was no different.  The game is a fast paced tile game that requires opponents to make a word from the tiles dropped on a playing board.   Speed is a factor since the scoring is less after a letter has been used.  I was initially concerned about how my 11 year old would fair against the adults since our vocabulary should be much larger than a 5th grader.  I was surprised how fast she could spot words in a jumble of tiles, and since the first person to yell the word gets a few moments to move the tiles to form the word she was able to spell it correctly.  We have now started using this game as part of our spelling curriculum.
The rules of play are rather simple, but still super fun.  Each player grabs five tiles, and drops them on the board  There is also a random doubloon tile that double the points for that round on the first word called out. once a player has called out a word and correctly spelled it they flip over an hour glass and the other opponents must spell another word before the timer is out.  Players can also earn point cards by using letters that are more rare, like V or K.  Cleanup is simple since the box doubles as the playing space and tiles are swept in after each round. Find out more by watching this video:

I am not the only one raving about this game, check out these awards it has one!

GAMES Magazine's BEST Word Game for 2013. (in the December Buyer's guide)  Creative Child Magazine's 2012 Game of the Year  and Dr. Toy's  10 Best Educational Products for 2012 (also 100 Best Toys for 2012) and several others!

You can purchase this game now here and save 10% by using the code time4mommy.

You can also enter to win a copy as well below!
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