September 23

Mandie’s Musings – What’s going on


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I meant to post last Thursday but I had a migraine and sinus infection from HELL. I love living in Florida but I'm thinking 
some place where my allergies won't be triggered would be best.
I've been working in my garden trying to get it ready for winter. I took these pictures this morning.
Here I planted some lettuce and radish together. I have 4 of these bins going. YAY lots of salads!
We have kale too which is one of my favorites.
I actually have a lot in my yard, tomatoes, key limes, mulberries, grapes, loquats, oranges, pineapple guava, regular guava and more.
I'm going to buy some bananas for this area soon. We have some but it gets cold here so we don't get the fruit.
Here are is a picture of our peas coming up and another of one of my loquat trees. The other is on the other side of my yard near my grapes and mulberry tree.
We just planted some broccoli, cabbage, and beets yesterday.
Let's see, what else. Oh yes! We got a new member of the family. His name is Black Jack. We have a lot of feral cats that live in our neighbor hood. We've tried to catch the mama cat to get her fixed but we haven't been able to yet. Well this little guy was in our garage!
He bit me but he was just scared. Now he is so lovey! Purr purr purr. He even enjoyed his bath and loves to play.
We recently bought a ukulele on a whim and my 10 year old who loves the violin and music in general has really
taken to it. This week I heard her play “What I Got” by Sublime (she changed the words when she sang), “Happy Birthday” to her sister who turned 8, and Stairway to Heaven.
Our newly 8 year old got a new beta fish which she has name “Gills”.  We spent her birthday at the beach fishing, which is a little ironic when that is what she wanted for a pet but… who am I to judge? We swam and got dinner. It was a good day.
Anything interesting happen in your life this week? I'd love to hear. 


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  1. Do you plant squash or cucumbers? I have an infestation of squash beetles. I have been using a soap mixture as pesticide & it’s worked with other pests but it seems the squash beetles just laugh at it. I’m about to break out the Sevin Dust!

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