July 17

Mealthy Multipot Giveaway


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Dinner Made Easy with Mealthy Multipot was made possible with a Mealthy Multipot sent for review. All opinions are my own and Amazon affiliate links are present in this post.

Feeding the family is a fact of life. And, sometimes the dinner hour arrives and you haven't a clue what to make quickly. There's only so many nights of pasta or tacos that one can take.

This is where having the right tools in your kitchen can make dinner easier to pull together. One such tool is a pressure cooker. While they have been around for ages, the programmable electric pressure cookers make it simple to implement for many people.

What is the Mealthy Multipot?

Built to anticipate your every cooking need, the MultiPot cooker features 9 cooking functions in one appliance.

Pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, bake cakes (!!), and much more, all at the touch of a button and all in one pot.

Get your meals cooked and on the table up to 70% faster when using one of the 14 pressure cooking preset programs.

Using the Mealthy Multipot

Super simple, especially if you take a few minutes to read the quick start guide!

After washing everything that touches your food, the manufacturer recommends doing a quick steam to ensure it is all working well.

Once plugged in, the Mealthy Multipot will emit an audible tone when the lid is locked or opened.

You'll look for the red button to pop UP indicating pressure has built. When it is done, you release the pressure and wait for that same red indicator to fall before opening the lid.

Purchase the Mealthy Multipot

The everyday price of the Mealthy MultiPot on Amazon, which comes with extra accessories is $99.95. You can also head over to Mealthy.com and get the same package for $94.95 with two-day free shipping.

My Thoughts on the Mealthy Multipot

So far, I am impressed. Since the guys left me on my own, I have not gone to town making all the things with it. But, even just making rice was so easy in the Mealthy Multipot.

Also, clean up is a breeze when done right away.

One thing I will note is that something which takes a short time to cook on the stove may not net you a faster cooking time in the Mealthy Multipot. It takes a little while to bring the device up to pressure. And it is when pressure is reached that it starts counting down the cooking time.

Something I truly appreciate is that they include a spare silicone gasket in the box. I've had a gasket fail when cooking and not had a backup in the house.

The steamer basket with trivet is meant to provide the means to cook 2 dishes at once. I haven't tried this out yet, but love the idea.

The Mealthy app has several ideas for you. For those that need to see things in action, many of the recipes include a video to show you how to do it.

What I am eager to do is teach the teens to use this device. Unlike our stovetop pressure cookers, there is less watching required. Considering how easy it is for the guys to get distracted while cooking, this is a huge benefit.

One thing I am wanting to try when everyone is back here is hard-boiled eggs. The boys balk at making them in boiling water and I hope this new method of cooking will be embraced. Hard-boiled eggs for everyone!!

In the meantime, I'll enjoy some taco bowls this week with the rice I made.

Win a Mealthy Multipot!!

One lucky reader with a US address will win their own Mealthy Multipot. Entries are accepted via the Gleam form below through July 23, 2018. The winner will have 24 hours after email notification to claim their prize.

Mealthy Multipot


Dinner Made Easy with Mealthy Multipot


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  1. We have a small pressure cooker but I would love a bigger one with all these options! I’d use it for everything from rice to cooking meats!

  2. I have no pressure cooker, but I must say this Multipot has my attention, especially now my health is getting less. I don’t always have enough energy to cook at night, I use my crockpot a lot since my energy is kinda okay in the mornings, I would probably use this pot almost daily for all kinds of meals.

  3. I have never had a pressure cooker because I was scared of them, but these new Multipots are awesome and I would love to make chicken and dumplings.

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