January 16

Organic Vegan Raw Spaghetti Recipe


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Did you know it is possible to make healthy comfort food? Spaghetti has always been one of my favorite meals to prepare for dinner or lunch, and I am so excited to share with you a recipe that will satisfy your hunger for a tasty and complete meal! Organic raw vegetables and fruits add numerous vitamins and minerals into the diet, which provide lasting energy to keep you going throughout your day.

I recently discovered a kitchen tool called a spiral slicer. This manual hand turn crank device is actually quite fun to use, and once you practice a couple of times it is super easy to make raw noodles from several different types of vegetables. I purchased my spiral slicer online for around twenty dollars and have found it to be very durable throughout the past few years I've used it. My family and I have really enjoyed using this creative kitchen device. Its durability has also proven to be cost efficient. My favorite vegetables to spiral slice into raw pasta noodles are zucchini and yellow squash because they have a slightly neutral flavor that easily absorb flavors from other added ingredients, herbs, and spices when combined together. If you do not have a spiral slicer, you may use a cheese grater to create a shredded noodle that is also enjoyable to prepare.

You will need the following ingredients and items on hand to complete the preparation of this recipe.

Spiral vegetable slicer or cheese grater.

Food processor.

Two large evenly round organic zucchini or yellow squash.

Ten sun-dried tomatoes soaked for twenty minutes until soft.

Half cup organic pine nuts.

Four medium organic tomatoes.

Four organic basil leaves.

One clove organic garlic.

One tablespoon fresh chopped organic oregano.

One teaspoon sea salt.

One teaspoon organic freshly cracked black pepper.

Half teaspoon organic chili powder.

Half cup organic extra virgin olive oil.

One cup purified water.

Once you have all your ingredients, you may begin the preparation of this delicious meal. First, use the spiral slicer to make spiral pasta noodles from the zucchini or yellow squash and set aside. Next, place the remaining ingredients, except pine nuts, into your food processor. Pulse until smooth, but slightly chunky. Be sure not to over process, unless you desire a completely liquified sauce. I prefer a slightly chunky texture in my spaghetti sauces, as I find it adds to the enjoyment of all the distinct flavors in this gourmet meal. Then, place desired amount of zucchini or yellow squash noodle pasta into separate serving bowls. Now, pour the processed sauce over the servings of noodles. Finally, sprinkle the raw organic pine nuts on top of each bowl. The pine nuts add delicious flavor and make a beautiful and edible garnish. Now you can satisfy even the biggest of appetites as you enjoy devouring this tasty and healthy recipe! Making healthy dietary choices has never been this easy before, and it starts with one healthy choice! I love preparing delectable organic raw vegan meals for people, and I know you will too! Now you can create a whole new experience in your kitchen, and even enroll children in the process as well. Kids have so much fun knowing they are helping make this delicious meal the entire family will love!

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