March 23

Perfect Solution to Help Us Sell our Home


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Not too long ago we found ourselves needing to relocate for a job opportunity.  We were not looking forward to leaving all of our friends and loved ones but we were ready for a new adventure.  The only standing between us and our new life was selling our house so we could buy a new one.

I've never sold a house before.  To be honest it was a daunting task.  When we got married and combined our households there was a lot of stuff that we never bothered to go through.

When the realtor came to the house it was clear that there was too much filling up the house.  We started talking about the options for storage centers while the house was on the market.

We both agreed we didn't want a large storage container sitting in our front yard with prospective buyers coming and going.  It didn't feel like the right impression to entice someone to spend a lot of money on our charming house.

After we settled on a storage center to keep our property in, we needed to find one that was safe and secure.  After driving around town we found Uncle Bob's Self Storage. They offered the rental terms we needed at the right price.  There was easy access anytime so we could work on our schedule.

We were able to get the contents of our house down to a manageable size and sell our house in no time. I never thought I would need a place to store my things but this was the perfect solution to help us sell our home.


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