January 2

Reusable or Up-cycled Alternatives to Wrapping Paper


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reusable-or-up-cycled-alternatives-to-wrapping-paperReusable or Up-cycled Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

I cannot tell you how many times I have thought how expensive and totally wasteful it is to use wrapping paper. You wrap the presents and a few days later it gets ripped off and thrown in the trash. Of course, then you have the wrapping paper that didn’t get used because there wasn’t enough of it.

So, what do you do with all this wrapping paper? Well, here are a few reusable or up-cycled alternatives to wrapping paper to help you make a little difference!

Make a Collage

Wrapping paper works great for making collages. You can have a textured (crumpled up paper) or smooth collage of different colored papers and designs. Match the paper you buy with the décor of your home to create fun collages to hang on your wall.

Use It for Pictures

Have you ever looked at a family picture and felt like there just needed to be a little something more? A great way to frame your family pictures or any picture for that matter is to put wrapping paper behind it. Choose colors or shapes that bring out the décor in your home.

Spice Up a Bookshelf

When you have open spaces on your bookshelves that just look bare or plain, you can spice it up with old wrapping paper. Depending on how much you have left, you could use the same wrapping paper all the way down. If you want to give it a little more spice, alternate different wrapping paper all the way down the shelf. Place it on the back, on the sides, or on the shelf itself.

Make Confetti

Save that ripped, torn, and crumpled wrapping paper for parties. Throughout the year, there is always something to celebrate including New Year’s, birthdays, and Fourth of July. Turn your used wrapping paper into confetti by cutting it into small strips of paper. You can also, put it through a paper shredder. Use your confetti at different times of the year to add to your party décor.

Reuse and Recycle Cans and Jars

Wrapping paper wraps perfectly around anything, so why not use it to spruce up your office while helping the environment. Old coffee cans, soup cans, and jars make perfect organizers. Spruce them up with wrapping paper, and your organizers look just like they were made for your home. In fact, they were.

What other ways have you used your wrapping paper? Share some wrapping paper alternatives in the comments below!


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