July 31

Scared Of The Dark


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Many children have a fear of the dark. As the lights go out their anxiety rises. It is a normal part of life to be fearful of things whether you're a child or an adult. No parent ever wants their child to be afraid. There are a variety of ways to help your child overcome their fears.

Always make sure to listen to your child and take all fears seriously. Your first step is to make them feel safe and let them know everything will be alright. It is best to explain to your child what fear is and let them know that it is normal to have fear of things.

Make sure to always stay calm and not get frustrated because the fear is very real to your child. Don't ever belittle their fears or say that it is stupid to be scared. You should do all that you can to help your child tackle their fears.

The things that can help your child overcome his or her fear is some comfort items. This could be a blanket, stuffed animal, or a special night light to help them get a better night sleep. There are a variety of night lights;Try finding a special one that your child might like. You may be able to find one of your child's favorite TV show or movie character. One of the best night lights available is a star night light. You are able to bring the beautiful night's sky to your child's bedroom, with a Twilight Turtle or Twilight Ladybug. They will be able to project the starry night sky onto their walls or ceiling. This adorable, cool night light is also a plush toy that can bring comfort to them in the night.

The most important things to remember are not to play into his or her fears by checking for monsters or tell the monsters to go away. This is just letting your child get the idea monsters are real. Check into what things your child reads and watches. Even though the shows that they are watching are for kids some of the shows are just not acceptable and have scary, disturbing images. There are also other things that play a role in increasing your child's anxiety levels like divorce, the birth of a sibling, or just stress in general.

The best thing to do is to talk with your child about their fears and concerns. All children are different and their needs to be able to overcome their fears will vary. Try your best to work through your child's fears together being patient and understanding.

Tabatha Devine has a website devoted to a special Star Night Light for children. If you are looking for a comfort item to ease that fear in the night check out the Twilight Turtle Night Light.


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