May 12

Seeing the Doctor has Never been Easier #DoctorOnDemand


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This post was sponsored by Doctor On Demand as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.


I've been suffering from allergies ALL SEASON. It has been awful. Everyone I know has said that this season has been the worst in awhile. It makes functioning in everyday life hard because both my head and nose has been so clogged up.

I'm not going to lie, the thought of going to the Doctor for it didn't make me happy. I am so busy and because I homeschool and the kids have something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. they would have to miss a class or an activity and I'd have to drag them with me.

Who knows how long it would take at the Dr's office. I've been stuck waiting for upwards of an hour and a half before and GOD forbid you miss YOUR appointment! When I heard about Doctor On Demand I was intrigued. Okay, I was actually jumping up and down because this is something that would work amazing for my family and most super busy families…. and it is cheap. How cheap? Well… a visit is only $40 and it accepts insurance. I don't have insurance and the place I usually go to is $80 a visit so this is literally half. SCORE!

And TIME. That is something I am extremely short of. Between the blog, working, writing, homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, running kids everywhere… you get the picture. But with Doctor On Demand my wait was minimal. I actually laughed when it popped up on the computer. 9 minutes…. and it said that was a long wait.

9 min wait

They even ask you if you want to reschedule. Nope! I can wait for 9 minutes. I can even get some dishes done! So how do you get started? This is sooo easy. ( I have been telling EVERYONE I know about Doctor On Demand! )

Patients simply download the free Doctor On Demand app or register online, provide a list of their symptoms, and are instantly connected for a video visit.

  • Medical visits are just $40 or less.
  • Doctor On Demand is now covered by many health plans. Your visit may be fully or partially covered by your health plan or employer.

Doctor On Demand provides video visits with board-certified physicians and psychiatrists, and doctorate-level psychologists via smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can discuss issues about yourself or a family member. There are even pediatricians and psychologists! All Doctor On Demand doctors are board-certified and licensed in your state.

Need a prescription? When clinically appropriate, Doctor On Demand physicians can send prescriptions to the pharmacy nearest you.


I have a coupon for you too.  TIME10   You get $10 off first visit!

I'm absolutely hooked on this service! It reminds me of the days when Doctors made house calls.


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  1. I am going to have to use this service next time I get sick!It is really reasonable and a great way to not have to leave the house to talk to a doctor.

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