January 24

Self-Love Ideas for Moms


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When the demands of parenting get to you, your self-love can feel like the last thing on your mind. Where do you find the energy for anything related to self-care when you’re up at 5 a.m. every morning and too exhausted to even think about getting out of bed? It’s natural as a mom to forget about yourself and put everyone else first, but this is not sustainable in the long run. Read on for ideas that will help you boost your self-love as a mom again! Try something new and exciting or rediscover an old passion with these ideas. Each tip will help you take care of yourself again by actively focusing on your own needs and wants instead of worrying about everyone else all the time.

Go for a walk outside

A walk in the fresh air is a great self-love activity for moms. Research shows that a walk in nature can boost self-esteem and reduce anxiety by lowering cortisol levels in the blood, which is helpful for stress reduction. Walking is also a great way to reduce anxiety and improve mood, as well as increase feelings of self-efficacy. Take a walk outside every day or as often as you can. Explore a new path in your neighborhood or walk along a river, lake, or coastline to really get the most out of this self-love activity. You can also go for a walk early in the morning before your children are awake or in the evening when everyone is home from school and activities. Going for a walk at these times can be a great way to get some quiet time for yourself.

Meditate and breathe for 5 minutes

One of the easiest and most effective ways to calm down is to meditate and breathe. This self-love activity will help you relax and let go of all of the stresses you might be holding onto, helping you feel calmer and more centred. It’s also a great way to calm yourself before any kind of confrontation, like a difficult talk with your partner or a meeting with your boss. You can meditate anywhere and anytime, so it’s a great way to sneak in some self-love during a stressful day when you don’t have time to go for a walk or get a massage. Try meditating while your child is taking a nap or before bed. You can sit in a quiet place and focus on your breathing, imagining each breath flowing in and out of your body from the base of your spine where your chakras are. If you are feeling particularly stressed, you can also try meditating with music or sounds like waves crashing or rain falling to drown out other noises.

Read your favorite book

Reading your favourite book is a great way to relax and get lost in your imagination, which can help you feel less stressed and more in control of your feelings. Reading can also help you take a break from the demands of being a parent, which can help you recharge your energy levels and give you time to think about what you want to accomplish next. You can read with your child to bond with them, or you can read alone to get away from the noise of the rest of your household. Reading a book doesn’t have to be an hour-long activity. You can read for 5 minutes while your child is napping or for 20 minutes before bed at night. You can also read on your lunch break or during any other free time you have during the day. You can read print books or e-books on your phone or computer, which is a great way to read on the go.

Write in a journal by candlelight

Journaling is another great way to relax and get your thoughts down on paper. It’s a great way to process your emotions and come to terms with what you’re feeling, which can help you feel better about yourself. Journaling can also be a great creative outlet where you can write poetry, paint with words, or doodle to express your feelings. You can journal by candlelight in a way that’s conducive to relaxation, which can help you settle your mind and release stress. You can journal every day or whenever you feel like you have something to get off your chest. You can also do a journaling prompt that you find online to spark your creativity and get your thoughts flowing. You can journal in print or on your computer or phone. You can even set up a blog where you can write about your feelings and get them out in the open.

Watch your favorite movie

Watching a movie can be a great self-love activity for moms. Pick a movie that makes you happy and that you know will help you relax and escape from your daily stresses. You can watch your favorite movie on your own or with your partner and kids if you want to keep the mood light. It’s also a good idea to watch movies that make you happy with your kids so you can bond with them and discuss what you love about the movie together. This can be a great way to help you continue having meaningful discussions with your kids as they get older without running out of things to talk about.

Schedule time for self-care every week

Pick one day or night a week where you make time for self-care. This could be a movie night, a bath night, or a massage night. You can also try to schedule in time for self-care throughout each week, like when you have a break between picking up your kids from school and taking them to their activities. By making time for self-care regularly, you can prevent burnout and help yourself relax and feel better. You can use each self-care night or week as a time to relax and do whatever you want, whether that’s watching your favorite movie, reading a book, getting a massage, or something else.

Walk with your dog or cat

Getting outside and walking with your dog can be a great self-love activity for moms. This can help you get some exercise, which is important for your mental health, as well as spend time with a loved family member. Walking with your dog can also be a great way to clear your head, especially if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or have young kids who can’t walk outside for long periods of time. You can also walk your cat if you have one. Both dogs and cats can be walked, although cats might prefer to stay inside while you’re outside. If you have a dog, you can try to find a quiet park to walk your dog at a time when there aren’t many people around. This can help you avoid getting distracted by those around you.

Get a massage or facial

Getting a massage or facial is an excellent way to pamper yourself and treat yourself to something nice. You can choose between a massage or facial based on what you would like most. Massages are a great way to relax, loosen up sore and tense muscles, and get rid of stress. You can go to a massage therapist at a spa or ask your partner or close friend to give you a massage in your own home. Facials are another great way to pamper yourself and get rid of stress and toxins in your skin. You can visit a dermatologist or aesthetician at a spa or have your partner or a friend apply a face mask at home.

Take care of your body with nutrition and exercise

It’s important to take care of your body by getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, but you can also actively do things to improve your health. Eating a nutritious diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables and low in processed foods will help you feel better and less stressed. You can also try a 30-day diet challenge like the Whole 30 Challenge to help you make positive changes in your eating habits. Exercise is another great way to take care of your body. You don’t have to do strenuous workouts; even 10-minute yoga or stretching videos can help you relax and feel better. You can also try walking with your dog, which can count as exercise.

Honor your authentic self

It can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and feeling like you’re not good enough. Instead of focusing on others, try to focus on you and what you want out of life. You can do this by journaling, meditating, and reflecting on your values. Write down what you want out of life and what you value most. This can help you focus on your authentic self and figure out what you want instead of

Ask for support

Whether you are struggling with self-love or in general, it is important to reach out to others. It can be difficult to reach out when you are feeling low, but it is a great way to get support and help. There are many online support groups for moms. You can choose to keep it virtual or find a local group to meet with in person. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. Having a support network is really important as a parent. You need people you can share your struggles with and people who are there to help you get through them. There are times when you will feel like you can't go on, and your network is there to help you through those times. You don't have to struggle alone.

Learn to say no

This is a tricky one for many moms, but one of the most important. Sometimes, you have to learn to say no to things and people in order to find time for yourself. This doesn’t mean you are a bad person or a bad mom. It just means you are recognizing that you need time for yourself and are taking it. This may mean saying no to a playdate, volunteering at school or even declining a social event. Whatever it is, do it lovingly, but don’t feel guilty. Be mindful of your abilities and what you can handle while trying to be the best mom you can be. If you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, don’t feel bad about saying no. It is important to take care of yourself and your mental health.

Hang out with friends

Find time to see your friends, even if it’s just for coffee. Having friendships can be really important for your mental health, especially as a parent. Friends can help you unwind, find some perspective and help you get through the tough times. Having a support network and people you can trust is really important. You don’t have to do everything alone. Even if it’s just setting up a regular catch-up with a friend, it can help. Be mindful of your schedule and find time to see your friends regularly. Whether you meet up once a week or once a month, it’s important and can help to maintain a healthy mental state.

These are just some of the ideas to help you find some self-love in your busy life. With so much noise and distractions around us, it can be hard to find the time and space to do that. Cultivating self-love is important for moms as it allows us to take care of ourselves and find some balance when life gets busy. This in turn can help us to be better parents and people. Remember that you deserve to take care of yourself and find time for yourself, no matter how busy you are. These moments can be precious, and we need to make time for them.


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