December 7

Spiegel – luxurious women’s clothing with prices that won’t break the bank


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Established in 1865, Spiegel offers luxurious women's clothing with prices that won't break the bank. Of course, 147 years hasn't aged the company at all. Though the company started out with fashions that were popular in the 1800s, the company has also been able to keep up with what women love, allowing the company to remain successful for almost 150 years.


Why Spiegel?

Why not? With wonderful prices and a strong history, Spiegel is definitely doing something right. What the company is most known for is their ability to design clothing that is timeless. You will never buy a dress from Spiegel and worry about whether or not it's still in style. That alone can make this company a very good choice for your wardrobe.


What Does Spiegel Offer?

Though the prices are affordable, Spiegel does not skimp on quality. Not only will you find luxurious fabrics, but you're also find beautiful tailoring and detailing that each piece you buy not only fits your budget, but your figure. With a clothing line devoted to professional women in sizes up to 18, you'll find everything from cocktail dresses to business suits and everything in between, including shoes and accessories.

It's hard to overlook a company that's been successful for almost 150 years. But, just in case you have, it's never too late to become a customer. Spiegel clothing is a wonderful addition for any professional woman's wardrobe. Whether you're building your first business wardrobe or adding a few new pieces.

Don't forget Spiegel for your Holiday Dresses too!

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  1. Wow I haven’t even heard of Spiegel in years – I want to check it out, as it used to be the place where we loved shopping the catalog!

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