September 14

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

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I've been going to the Alligator Farm since I was a little girl. When you grow up near a place sometimes you take it for granted. I figured everyone had a place so awesome to visit. Now I take my girls so they can enjoy the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. We've gotten the family membership pass many years in a row and enjoyed meeting up with our friends when they have a discounted homeschool day.

I've been going to the Alligator Farm for so long that I even remember when Gomek was alive…he was a site to behold at 18 ft long and 2000lbs. You can still see him preserved and surrounded by rare and beautiful hand-carved Papua New Guinea art.

This is a great place for the entire family. Not only are there over 500 gators/ crocodiles but there are so many different species of birds, turtles and snakes. What is the best part? That is debatable because there is so much to see.

My family all have our favorite parts of The St. Augustine Alligator Farm but we all agree that we love the feel of it and the alligator feeding is amazing, the alligators really get moving!

Sometimes we'd be in town and stop by for lunch and just to walk around for a bit.

You can purchase your tickets online. If you are local-ish I suggest becoming zoo members with an annual pass. It is much cheaper in the long run if you plan on going more than once a year. For us, a year pass was just a little more expensive than a day for the family so it made sense to us to upgrade.

You can have birthday parties there and there are fun days throughout the year like a Parents Night Out.

I haven't tried the zip-lines (Crocodile Crossing) but everyone I know that has gone on them has said they are way cool.

Are you going to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm? Download our Scavenger Hunt! Have fun! Download from here

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