December 1

St. Claws Book Blast {$50 Amazon Giftcard}


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St ClawsSt. Claws

Things are not going well for Matt Haskel. He’s lost his job and the chance at his dream home, and can't even buy the one Christmas gift his son desires. His marriage is teetering, and the last thing Matt wants to do is spend Christmas Eve with his wealthy in-laws.

But while driving there, the family SUV breaks down just outside a quaint little town called St. Claws, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

This last mishap convinces Matt this will be his worst Christmas ever. Little does he know just how wrong initial impressions can be. Or how consequential one little, innocuous wish can become.

Happy holidays, Matt Haskel. You’re about to find out!

After St. Claws, read the introduction to Alan Nayes’ powerful new paranormal romance, THE LEARNER.

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  1. So many traditions and events play into the winter holidays. Personally I think Midnight Mass has always been the most beautiful and spiritual moment for my family that stands out from all the secular moments.

  2. We have a special holiday tradition. Every year, towards the end of the holiday, we each write a page about our holiday experience … it can be anything we’re feeling, what we enjoyed, etc. Then we fold the pages up and pack them away with the Christmas tree. The next year, when we decorate the house, we open the envelope and read what we said the previous year … and we share our pages with everyone. It’s really fun!

  3. Putting up and decorating the tree 🙂 Every year we pick a new decoration, mainly because our dogs and cat break one or two a year 🙂 I just love working on the tree as a family.

  4. I love the very yummy cookies and side dishes that are only made during this season.

    I also enjoy the holiday music / plays/ church shows / driving around looking at lights.

  5. I love when my husband reads The Night Before Christmas to our kids on Christmas Eve. Even though two of them are 19 and 23, he still does it!

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