August 27

The Legend of the Spider-Prince: Rebel by Margo Ander


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Legend of the Spider-Prince: REBEL

Wyl is a young rebel whose life of dangerous lies and hidden truths has cost him his childhood and his ability to trust. He is fanatically loyal to the rebel leader, a woman embroiled in a blood-feud with Trascolm's ruling clan. When he’s not away spying, he’s her secret bodyguard—she needs protection from her army of renegades and outlaws as much as from bounty-hunters and assassins sent by her archenemy.
But when the rebellion meets with disaster, the rebel leader's strategy changes. Wyl is thrust into a hostile royal court of underage teens—mere children, to his mind. He’s expected to embrace this more civilized way of life, but his brutally-honed instincts betray him, and he makes enemies instead of friends. Wyl—a boy raised by outlaws—is in over his head and must somehow master the subtleties of court intrigue well enough to keep the rebel leader and her rebellion alive, despite the treacherous machinations of her enemies, and do it without getting himself killed.

About the Legend of the Spider-Prince series
In a war-torn land where men have unbridled influence, but women hold the reins of power, a young rebel becomes entangled in a deadly web of magic, court intrigue, and revenge amid an escalating wave of events that will ultimately destroy magic, overturn governments, cause the near-collapse of civilization, even threaten the very existence of life on Eryth—and make him a legend.

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About the Author

I loved fairy tales as a child, but could never get enough of them until I learned to read for myself. I spent my formative years with my nose in a book or playing dungeon master for my sisters long before there were actual games requiring one. Our Barbies fought Klingons, conquered the galaxy—and always had room on their spaceship for horses.

I am a horsewoman, an archer, a fencer, a former military officer, and a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism—all useful skills and experiences for a fantasy novelist. I am currently holding down a day job in Mississippi, USA, where I live with my husband and two daughters, and am presently down to one horse, one cat, and one dog—and ‘way too many books.

Visit me on the web at
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Review –

I really enjoyed reading the book “Legend of the Spider Prince” book 1. Its full of adventures and surprises as we follow the life of a twelve year old boy, Wyl, who lives a life like no one we know in our time as we know it. The time he lives in is full of magical events and unbelievable characters. Its non stop adventure on every page. Without giving the story away, I'll tell that not everything turns out like you or Wyl want it to, but this makes it a little more realistic even though the story is about a make believe time, make believe clan of peoples, extremely hard to pronounce names, places and a lot of totally unfamiliar words. But the ending is such a surprise and so amusing that you just have to read the book just to find out what happens.

     This is definitely a must read book, especially for any boy, girl, man or women who really enjoys exciting adventures.  I can't wait to read book 2. I definitely give it a five star.
My name is Caroline Shahid. I live in South Carolina with my husband of 41 years. I have two daughters who have blessed me with five beautiful grandchildren, three boys and two girls who all live within walking distance. I have a BA degree in art which I have not really done much with. I did teach art for a few years in an elementary school and also in a school for physical handicapped children, which I found very rewarding.  I love reading and really feel that anyone who can write a book, is truly talented.

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