January 18

The Surprising Amount Of Property Damage Caused By Bees


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Bee stocks in Spring

People are generally sympathetic toward bees. They produce honey, are essential for the pollination of flowers, and die if they sting someone. In other words, they are relatively low risk and beneficial to the planet.

However, that’s not very consoling if you have a beehive near your home, especially if you suffer from allergic reactions. What may surprise you more is that bees are actually capable of significant damage to your home!

If you have a beehive on your property, it’s a good idea to contact the professionals. They have the tools and equipment to remove the hive safely. You can learn more here about your local experts and how they get rid of the bees. It’s worth noting that, wherever possible, they relocate them to ensure their survival.

Wall Damage

This is usually caused by honey bees. The bees will find a way into your walls via small cracks and openings. They can then construct a hive between your walls. This may seem harmless. However, as time passes the beehive will grow; it has to allow for the increasing honey production.

The problem is that this many bees and this much honey places pressure on your walls. The weight behind this honey and hive can actually damage the walls, potentially affecting the integrity of your home.

You may also find that the honey seeps through internal walls, creating stains and attracting other pests to your home. 

Lawn Damage

Not all bees create hives in walls and alcoves. Some bees will use holes in the ground, as will hornets. They can then build a large structure that is barely noticeable but presents a significant threat to your health. You can walk right next to it or disturb the hive without realizing it.

It’s best to get a pest control expert with knowledge of lawn care. This will help to ensure your grass is just grass. 

Wood Damage

Carpenter bees create their nests in wood. They are specially equipped to create a tunnel in the wood. They don’t eat the wood. The tunnel is created with plenty of small alcoves. These give the bee a place to put their eggs. They will extend the tunnels as necessary.

The good news is they’ll reuse existing tunnels where possible. The bad news is that they are much bigger than termites, they can cause significant damage to any untreated wood.

Mason Issues

The masonry on your home is important, it’s effectively the glue that holds the bricks together. Mason bees will tunnel into this masonry and create a hole for their home and a place to lay eggs. It’s worth noting that mason bees are generally solitary.

However, if a lot of mason bees are attracted to your home they can cause a significant amount of damage. This can even cause structural issues.

Eliminate The Bees

Most places won’t allow you to simply eliminate the bees, they are too valuable. That’s why it’s essential you call for professional help and have the hive removed. The hive and the bees can usually be relocated to somewhere safer. In fact, this is often to a beekeeper, ensuring their ongoing safety.


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