January 15

The Top 10 Team Colors in College Football


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The Top 10 Team Colors in College Football

College football may have finished for the season, but team uniforms and merchandise proudly displaying school colors helps fans and athletes alike share with the world where their loyalties lie. On Saturdays in the fall, every region of the country plays host to giant crowds of people clad in the hues of their chosen college team. Some teams, like the University of Oregon Ducks, are known for having an endless array of colors in their uniform repertoire. Other teams have not wavered in their dedication to an exact shade. Let’s take a look at the best team-color combos in college football as voted by fans in USA Today.

Texas: Burnt Orange and White

The Longhorns have worn orange since the turn of the 20th century, but the specific shade deviated between a traditional bright orange and a brownish hue. According to lore, the burnt orange color was initially adopted because the regular orange tended to fade to yellow after continual washing. However, around World War II the darker shade was dropped as a result of several factors, including the cost and scarcity of the material. Finally, in 1967, burnt orange was made the official color, and now it’s synonymous with the Texas University.

Iowa State: Cardinal and Gold

Until 1899, the college’s color scheme had been black, silver and gold, but the universal opinion seemed to be that it was difficult to make uniforms or fan gear with that palette. The school’s governing board voted in October 1899 to change Iowa State’s colors to cardinal red and gold, which worked better on a sweater.

North Carolina: Carolina Blue and White

The shade called Carolina blue is also dubbed “cornflower,” or even “periwinkle.” It’s a light blue hue with a hint of purple, and it has come to be iconically linked with the college when paired with white. The school adopted it in the 1800s and hasn’t wavered in its devotion throughout the decades since.

Michigan: Maize and Blue

Although Michigan’s official college colors are azure blue and maize, the Wolverines’ athletic department has been wearing a darker blue and bright yellow combo for more than a century.

Alabama: Crimson and White

The deep red color the team wears has been commandeered into the college’s nickname, the “Crimson Tide.” The color, along with white, has been a mainstay since the late 1800s.

Michigan State: Green and White

The Spartans have been wearing dark green and white on the field for more than 100 years thanks to legendary coach Chester L. Brewer.

Louisiana State University: Royal Purple and Gold

It may not be surprising that the state that hosts Mardi Gras each year would have a sports team that wears two of the three traditional colors of that celebration. The Tigers have donned royal purple and gold since the 19th century.

Ohio State: Scarlet and Grey

Red may be a popular color in college sports, but the Buckeyes’ signature hue of scarlet sets it apart from the rest. When combined with grey, the palette is touted as being unique among schools.

Notre Dame: Blue and Gold

One of the few teams that actually uses a dark yellow shade to represent “gold,” the Fighting Irish pair it with a deep blue for a classic look that has lasted more than 100 years.

Florida: Orange and Blue

The Gators don’t need gold or white as one of their colors; they have gone for two bright shades to create a color scheme. Actually, each of the hues was borrowed from two schools that were combined to create University of Florida. The school’s fight song is called “Orange and Blue.”

The colors college football teams wear on the field universally harken back to decades of school history and lore. The iconic hues of these 10 colleges will continue to be beloved by fans.



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