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Ways to Wellness Ask Theresa

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Dear Theresa,

I have heard that eating better will help me to prevent depression and mood swings. How can does that work?


Looking for Alternatives


Dear Looking for Alternatives,

Eating well offers many promises for a better life. When struggling with the mood swings or depression, the desire to find an answer can be strong.

A diet loaded with processed foods changes the chemicals released into the bloodstream. Our body is a delicate system that requires balance to function optimally. When the body is continually trying to remove the chemicals and foreign additives and preservatives present in processed foods, the body uses most of its energy on elimination rather than movement and fun.

Energy is the key to feeling great and being happy. A healthy diet full of complex carbohydrates produces the feel good hormone serotonin. Complex carbohydrates are whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. They give the body energy to do the myriad of functions we never think about with enough left over to burn fat and give us the energy to enjoy our life.

If you want to prevent depression and mood swings, the optimal way is to pack as many complex carbohydrates into your daily diet as possible. All the extra energy you will have will make every part of your life easier.

There are several non-food related solutions to preventing depression as well.

Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Natural sunlight is proven to help with depression.

Laugh. Watching funny movies and television shows keep your mood up and make depression hard to take hold.

Of course exercise is a great way to fill your mind with chemicals that help you to feel healthy and happy.

Using as many of these tools together will keep you strong and confident.

Theresa Grisanti has studied nutrition and psychology with experts in this field for over 20 years. Using her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s degree in Nutrition, she coaches people to understand how their body works and ways to eat that promote health and vitality. You can find more information about Theresa on her website:


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