February 5

What Can a Mom or Dad Do to Get Some Rest and Relaxation?


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Whether you are a new parent or have years of experience under your belt, finding time to relax can be really difficult, especially if you have multiple children. No matter if you are able to co-parent with another or are a single mom or dad, you deserve some rest here and there. Some parents find it difficult to let their children go, even just for a second, in fear of them getting in trouble that you'll have to clean up later. This short guide may be able to help you gain the rest you deserve.

Find the correct mattress thickness for your needs

For the sleep you are able to get, it's important to make sure that your mattress is comfortable enough to improve that little bit of sleep. Mattress thickness is not the same as mattress size. The size would include the categories of twin, queen, and king; whereas, the thickness is the same as measuring the height or depth. If you'd like to know more about the different thicknesses, this article on mattress thickness is very informative and detailed to help you pick out the right mattress for you. Welcome new and improved sleep!

Play tabletop games with friends or your kids

When you're able to get the kids away, playing games with your friends can help improve your critical thinking and stimulate creativity for yourself after hearing the children's programs all day. Forming social bonds with your friends is important, too. Many new parents will be fearful of losing friends due to the newfound responsibilities of child care, and it's very beneficial to keep those bonds secure. Actually, playing tabletop games can improve your health overall, as stated in this article on tabletop games. And if you can't get the kids away, include them too! They will surely have fun and be able to offer a unique experience to the game.

Keep the kids busy

If they're old enough to be in school, do your best to encourage them to engage in after-school activities, weekend camps, or various other trusted activities. Letting them express their interests in this way will be beneficial to them in the long run, as they can begin to develop necessary social skills early on and learn about themselves. Of course, this also provides benefits to you. Even just an additional hour away a day can give you some good relax time, whether that's a nap or your own personal project

Research and plan vacations accordingly

Oftentimes, parents will plan vacations that are seemingly perfect, until the children start getting bored and do not have a fun time. There is still hope in getting away as many resorts and cruises offer children's activities and daycare to help entertain the children while you get away and truly relax. It's advised to look into the available options that your vacation can provide before buying the tickets and packing up. Research different daycare options near your hotel or various other children's activities. Your meaning of fun will probably not match their meaning of fun.

Take naps when alone or even with your children

Getting enough rest is important, of course, but sometimes nighttime isn't long enough. Make sure to schedule nap time for yourself no matter how many things you “must” accomplish today. Even just an extra half hour to an hour can be beneficial to your day and improve your productivity. Don't be ashamed to curl up with your children during their own nap time. This would be beneficial to both of you. As you get some much-needed rest, they get attention and parental love that helps with their development. 

“Dad naps” aren't just for dads; moms need them too, as stated in this New York Times article on “dad naps.” If you are able to co-parent with the mother or father of your children, switch off watching the kids and nap for an hour each. This is a great compromise.

In summary, no matter how busy you are as a parent, getting rest and relaxation time is beneficial to your health and helps your productivity and creativity with your children.


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