April 11

What is a virtual assistant?


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What is a virtual assistant?

What exactly IS A virtual assistant? I get asked this question a lot when someone asks what I do for a living. You all know me as a blogger of course but I am also a published writer, virtual assistant, as well as a social media manager. What is a virtual assistant?

As a virtual assistant I provide administrative or creative assistance to my clients. It is virtual because I work remotely from my phone or my computer. I create content for bloggers, help authors with their administrative needs, and businesses with their newsletters.

How to become a virtual assistant

I suggest you have administrative experience or experience with content creation. Becoming a virtual assistant was a natural transition for me because I was already in the book industry and a blogger. Most of my clients are authors for administrative, and bloggers for content creation. I’ve also started picking up local businesses for social media and newsletter creation.

If you aren’t already familiar with what a virtual assistant does I suggest taking a course on it. I even took a course with XX to make sure I had a good start.

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How much does a virtual assistant make?

I generally make $20 to $100 an hour depending on what I’m doing. I make more when it comes to content creation. I can write three $35 articles in an hour or create semi-exclusive recipes averaging $100 an hour. I give a discount for my administrative clients if they sign a six month contract with a minimum of 5 hours, then I make $20/hr.

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How do you get paid?

For content creation I get paid by the piece. I send an invoice from PayPal and the recipient pays then I send the content to them. I charge my administrative once per month for how ever many hours they have a contract for. Sometimes they need to add hours and I do that as soon as they request. You can set up recurring invoices to make it easy for yourself.

Where do I find clients?

I have found most of my clients through word of mouth and recommendations although I have found several from Facebook groups, especially for content creation. Some of the groups you must have references to join. If that is the case I recommend you offering some free work to bloggers or websites in exchange for a reference.

You can also subcontract under other virtual assistants to get experience. I also suggest doing a Google search and look for boards you can post on, you can answer adds for businesses looking for virtual assistants, and my favorite has been networking. I’ve picked up local businesses and they’ve been happy so they have recommended me to others.


I love being a virtual assistant because I love working from home and I work by my own schedule. I’m constantly running here and there taking my kids to their activities (and I homeschool). I can’t think of any job outside of the home that would pay me up to $100/hr and let me tell them when I was going to work.

Want join my work at home group on Facebook? We help and encourage each other. We are entrepreneurs that want to work for ourselves and not others. (NO MLM allowed!)



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