December 13

Wine Cork Reindeer Craft


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Wine Cork Reindeer CraftWine Cork Reindeer Craft

If you have a few wine corks laying around (and you know I DO!), you have just what you need to make your own wine cork reindeer craft. Crafting your own wine cork reindeer is fun and easy when you give the tutorial below a spin. Take a peek so you can make your own, perfect for adding some fun to your holiday décor.

Supplies needed:026

2 wine cork

Sharp pencil or knitting needle

Assorted sticks or twigs

Hot glue, glue gun

Red pom pom or candy


1. Begin by creating the body/legs of the reindeer. To do this, poke four holes in the underside of the cork. Use your sharp pencil or knitting needle to do this. Add a drop of glue into each hole, then poke a twig into each. The twigs should be close to even in length so the reindeer balances well.

2. Once your legs are in place, add the neck of your reindeer. On the top of that same cork, add another hole. Drop in some glue and then press another stick into place.

0273. Add the head of the reindeer. Make a hole on the bottom of your second wine cork, add a dab of glue, and press it to the “neck” you just added.

4. Finish the head by adding the antlers. We took some smaller twigs and glued them together to create antlers. We poked holes in the top of the head cork and added our antlers with a dab of glue.

5. Your wine cork reindeer is complete when you add the candy or pom pom for the nose. Just add a dab of glue and press.

Your wine cork reindeer is now ready to be displayed! Make one or make a whole family. Either way, you are sure to have some holiday fun when you give this easy wine cork craft a try.


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  1. This Reindeer craft is so adorable and I really like it. I want to make these with my daughter, she would love to make these for the Holidays.

  2. This is an awesome craft! We usually do gingerbread houses for Christmas, but I think I will get the supplies for these as well. Thanks for the great idea.

  3. This is so clever and creative! My parents make wine for personal use and to give as gifts to friends. maybe they could use this for their holiday batch!

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