November 3

3 Ways to improve your home in an effort to help the environment


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3 Ways to improve your home in an effort to help the environment

The deterioration of the environment is one thing that every citizen should be concerned about. After all, it’s us humans who would eventually suffer when the problem becomes too much to handle. There are already many projects launched by companies and even governments to combat what’s happening to the environment.

But even in your own home, small changes can already make a big difference for the environment. Look at the list below and see what you can improve in your own homes to make it more environmentally friendly.

  1. Change your light bulbs  – you probably have already heard of incandescent bulbs not being very good for the environment as they waste so much of their energy. You can save so much more of your house’s energy consumption if you switch to the newer types of light bulbs. You can choose between compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulbs. CFLs look like the incandescent light bulbs but shaped in a small coil. Although their price is higher, they can also last ten times as long as an incandescent bulb. LED lights meanwhile can last up to more than 30 times. They don’t use a   lot of energy and are even cool to touch unlike the other types of bulbs. Some have a problem with the harshness of the blue shade that LED lights give off, which might make your home look cold. Look for lights that give off a warm yellow glow so that your home will feel cozy.


  1. Use “green” cleaning supplies – if you check your cleaning supplies closet, you’ll be surprised with the volume of chemicals that you have in your home, and some of them may be harmful to the environment. Instead of your usual bleach or all-purpose cleaner, you can look at products that are naturally made. There are already a lot of companies that see the importance of coming up with alternatives to cleaning materials that are made of harmful chemicals. If you want to go even greener, there are many recipes online for natural cleaning products made out of common household materials. You can try them instead and you’ll find that you will not only save money for your household but also help in keeping the environment clean and healthy.


  1. Make sure you get rid of garbage properly – everyone already knows the importance of segregating your garbage properly. Reduce, reuse, recycle is already being taught to kids even at a young age. It’s important so that natural resources will not be wasted.  Some even go as far as to compost some of their garbage and use them in their gardens. It’s also important that waste should be removed properly, safely and legally.  There are companies who offer that service, only for buildings or small offices but even residences. You can be sure that all your trash will be hauled and disposed of in the right place. If you are looking for this type of service and you live in Philadelphia, PA, you can check out Eagle Dumpster Rental for your trash hauling needs.



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