December 3

5 Things to Do with Your Family this Holiday Season

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Every season my family and look for ways to celebrate and the wintertime is no different. It gets cooler here in Florida and I get to wear my sweaters and jeans, sometimes even a jacket.

I've come up with a great list of 5 Things to Do with Your Family this Holiday Season.

1. Go See The Nutcracker Play – We go every year. Even small towns almost always have a production of it, if not the nearest city will have it. It is the perfect way to get in the Christmas.

2. Christmas Jammies – This is a big thing for us. My girls expect new pajamas every winter. It serves two purposes, the first is to keep them warm and the other is to celebrate the season!
close-up of little boy in cozy pajamas holding cup with hot cocoa enjoying christmas time at home, shallow DOF

3. Give Back – Whether it is a homeless shelter, or Toys for tots, that this time to appreciate everything you have and give back. Sometimes people just need a hand up. We give to our local food bank and women's shelter (actually do this all year long). Every little bit helps.


Volunteers Collecting Food Donations In Warehouse
4. Holiday Read – Choose a good holiday book to read together. It has become a tradition for us to read together on Christmas Eve. This year we are reading from The Family Read Aloud Christmas Treasury.


5. Make Christmas Treats – This is a favorite and we do it ALL SEASON long, my husband especially loves this part. This year we used Golden Crisp® that I picked up from Target to make some yummy treats. We will be making these again on Christmas Eve. We'll also be attending the movie SING© in theaters starting December 21st 2016 as a fun family outing.


How to make the Christmas treats

What you need –



Green Food coloring (or whatever color you would like)

Golden Crisp® cereal

Cookie Cutters

This was so incredible easy and perfect to do with the kids. I took 3 cups of Golden Crisp®, half a stick of butter, food coloring, and half of a bag of marshmallows. I tossed the butter, marshmallow, and food coloring together to melt then mixed it. Once it was all green I added the cereal and mixed it all together then my girls add it to to cookie cutters that were laid out on wax paper. They stuffed them and let them sit for about an hour.

We genetly removed the treats from the cookie cutters then decorated. A little candy for the girls… a little for the treats… They came out quite well and was great for kids to make.






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