January 3

7 Ways to Reuse Plastic Water Bottles


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7 Ways to Reuse Plastic Water Bottles7 Ways to Reuse Plastic Water Bottles

If your family is anything like ours, we go through a lot of plastic bottles. We try hard to be conscious of what’s going on in the environment, which is why we’re dedicated to reusing plastic water bottles where we can. I wanted to share some of my best tips for reusing these bottles.

#1. Use them as organizational tools– You can cut the top off of plastic water bottles and make amazing organizational creations out of them. These plastic water bottles can hold anything from pencils to baking cups, just use your imagination in what you want to organize. Use the “cut off” tops as funnels for cooking, baking, or doing work on the car.


#2. Decorations– If you scour Pinterest, there are all kinds of awesome decorations you can make with plastic water bottles. This is an awesome idea to help you reuse all of those plastic water bottles. You can make anything from a bottle light to wall decoration. The power of plastic water bottle décor is in your hands.

#3. Kiddy creations– If there’s one thing you can do with used plastic water bottles it is create things for your kids. You can make something as simple as a time out bottle. Using glitter, tacky glue, and water, you can create a time out bottle for your child to use while they are in time out. You can even go as crazy as making a lava lamp out of a plastic water bottle.


#4. DIY crafts– Think about the endless possibilities of using plastic water bottles to create DIY crafts. Some people go as extreme as creating fun jewelry out of their water bottles. Whatever craft you choose to create with your plastic water bottles, have fun with it.


#5. Refill the water bottles– To keep yourself from having to buy new water bottles every week, just refill what you already have. Filtering tap water directly into used plastic water bottles helps to save so much when it comes to the environment.

#6. For the garden– Who would have thought that you could reuse plastic water bottles for the garden, but you can. Cut off the top of the bottle and use the plastic water bottles to start basic plants for the garden. After the seeds sprout, you can transfer them to the garden. You can keep using the plastic water bottles for herb like plants.


#7. Create a barrier- With as many water bottles as your family uses, consider getting creative and using them as a barrier or as a wall décor. You can tie the bottles together to create an awesome looking wall. If you’re really up for making it look incredible, paint the bottles different colors.

What ways have you reused plastic water bottles in the past?


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  1. I have never reused plastic water bottles, but I like the tip-Use them as organizational tools. I could use them for keeping a lot of my stuff fresh and not got to waste, especially the powdered sugar and brown sugar.

  2. I reuse our plastic bottles for my garden too! Not only as seedling pots, but I’ve also used them to build a system that directs rain water from the gutters directly to water drums.

  3. I use tip #5 all of the time. I refill old soda or juice bottles with water. I have good quality tap water so I just need something to hold it when I go out somewhere or when I am working out. They work perfectly! Why buy 20oz water bottles when I can do that?

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