October 26

Amazing Grass SuperFoods Contest & Review


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When my box from Amazing grass arrived I barely made it in the door before ripping it open. I was already having a love affair with their vegan bars, and now I would have the opportunity to try their nutritional powdered shakes. I wasn’t even really hungry but I had to have one right away! They sent a variety of meal replacement and immune boosting shakes, some raw and some not, but all vegan, organic and gluten free. There was also an adorable, and very useful, Amazing Grass logo shaker.

My first drink would be the GREENSuperfood Orange Dreamsicle. Wow, it really did taste like the name, but it included high alkaline foods such as wheat grass, barley grass, and alfalfa. Many raw foodists, myself included, subscribe to the idea that if the body is in an alkaline state that disease will not take a foothold. You can easily test your body’s PH with urine test strips available at most pharmacies. In fact, once a year at your well woman exam your PH is tested in your urine specimen, which to me proves that the medical community also understands the importance of maintaining a proper PH. Unfortunately our standard American diet is quite acidic and these shakes are just the thing to help balance it out without much preparation.

   My second favorite was the Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion. Once again, tastes like the name with all the added fruit and veggie benefits we are often lacking in our diets. This super food drink also includes probiotics and vegan proteins. My 9 year old drank over half of it herself! I made the other children’s drinks for her over the next couple of days. They came in both chocolate and berry flavors. She kept saying, “this is good for me?” She really thought she was having “junk food” for a snack. The chocolate was her favorite, and the second one I actually mixed in my Vita Mix with a banana, almond milk, a handful of fresh greens and some ice. She said it was like a dessert.

In addition to the flavored meal replacement and immunity drinks, they also have grass drinks. If any of you have ever tried freshly extracted wheat grass it can be a bit rough on both the taste buds and the stomach, so I was pleasantly surprised how great the plain wheat grass and barley grass drinks tasted. I’m not going to say they were as delicious as the other flavored drinks, which also included those amazing grasses, but they were rather good and I really felt amazing after drinking them. Wheat grass and Barley grass in the past have definitely been known to upset my stomach, but these were great and I was left feeling revived.

Amazing Grass offers the most powerful vegetable on earth, consumable in a convenient way that aligns with our hectic lifestyles. Find out how you can lead a healthier more active life by achieving full potential through better nutrition.

Please check out their site, www.amazinggrass.com and make a
comment on what you'd like to try.  They are having a sale right now on our 100 serving containers, 20% off  Follow them on twitter and become a
friend on www.facebook.com/greensuperfood.

Meridith Richardson is a mostly vegan nutritional junkie residing in sunny Florida.  Seeking better health after being diagnosed with PCOS and colon polyps,  she turned to a mostly raw vegan diet.  Following in the footsteps of the raw pioneers before her, she seeks out the healing power of raw living foods and the benefits are evident daily.  Meridith will soon be opening an online living foods resource shop to help you stock your kitchen and book shelves at wholesale prices.  Website forthcoming in the near future.

Amazing Grass is kind enough to allow a contest for two winners! An Orange Dreamsicle Green SuperFood – 30 servings & a Chocolate Green SuperFood – 30 servings
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  1. Based on the Faith’s description, we would love the chocolate super food. Probiotic and vegan protein- yes please! I need to do more reading.

  2. Sounds intriguing! I would like to try the barley grass. And I wonder if I could sneak this into my son’s diet? 🙂 Thanks for the give away!

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