June 8

Bloggy Friend Friday – Ashley from …and the little ones too


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  I decided to start a new feature here at Taking Time for Mommy called Bloggy Friend Friday. I've met so many wonderful bloggers over the years I thought I would share them with our followers.

This week is Ashley from and the little ones too.

Mandie -Thank you so much for hanging out with us today Ashley,How long have you been blogging?
Ashley ~I started blogging in Feb of 2008
Mandie – Wow, you've been at it for awhile! Why did you start blogging?

Ashley~I started because I wanted to make a place for my family to see Hayden growing up. I didn't have much family living close to me so I though that blogging would be a great place to help them out.
Mandie – I think many of us started our for the same reason.Tell us a little about your blog(s)
Ashley~I do the most work on And The Little Ones Too. This blog has changed names 3 times but I finally have it where I want it. I love to blog about my family but sometimes get lots of reviews and giveaway posted that I forget to do some personal posts. I also love to post my photography and recipes which brings me to my second blog: Mommy and Me Recipes. This blog is still in the works but I decided to put all my recipes in one spot. Most recipes are kid friendly as well so if you are looking for something that your family could eat as a whole, check it out! Like I said, it is still in the works so hopefully i'll have a lot more recipes soon.
Mandie -What advice to you give someone who wants to start a blog?
Ashley~Just do what you love to do and get a network of blogging friends to share it with. I would have never gotten into reviews if it weren't for other bloggers cheering me on. I wouldn't have started a second blog if it weren't for the networking I do with other bloggers.

Mandie -How do you fit in blogging with children and working full time?
Ashley~I blog whenever I have time. Its hard to work full time and take care of 2 young boys then write but I do the best I can. I try to reserve weekends with my family but when Sunday afternoon hits, my husband knows I need some time to do a post or 2 so I'm ahead for the week. We find time to do what we love and he knows I love blogging.
Mandie -Favorite blogging snack?

Ashley~ Popcorn.. but sometimes wine helps me loosen up
Mandie -Music?

Ashley~Oh man, it depends on what mood I am in. I normally have the TV as background *music* but I could turn on Brandy and just have it play all day.

Mandie -You are one of the co-founders of Blog It Forward – Tell us a little bit about it.
Ashley~Blog it Forward is one of the best experiences for me growing as a blogger. I never thought I would get as far as I am now and being a co-founder of Blog it Forward makes me realize how much I can help other bloggers out there. Plus the other founds are awesome and complement me (and each other) so well. We all have a functional part of this group and I love it!

Mandie -Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by today. You can visit Ashley at andthelittleonestoo.com


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