October 12

Bloggy Friend Friday – Theresa from My Mommy’s World


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  I want to thank you dear friend Theresa Grisanti for taking the time to hang out with me today.

How long have you been blogging? 2 years

Why did you start blogging? I started to create more community in my life. I was a SAHM and very isolated. I thought it would be fun and I might be able to bring in some money at the same time.

Tell us a little about your blog(s)
I have two blogs:
Seeds of Life (http://theresagrisanti.com/) is my health coaching blog where I focus mainly on health and well-being and market my health coaching services.

My Mommy's World (http://mymommysworld.com/) is the blog I use to talk about my life and do book reviews and tours. I love working with Promotional Book Tours and have found some great authors in the process. Perfect past time for a bibliophile.

What advice to you give someone who wants to start a blog?

My biggest piece of advice is to write a bunch of blogs to have on hold for when you can't blog because life gets to busy. You will appreciate the back log.

After you get that together, look for a bloggy group and make some friends. They are invaluable for advice, support and connection. I talk with my bloggy friends almost every day and appreciate them in many ways. I can honestly say without my bloggy friends, like Mandie, I would have quit blogging long ago out of frustration and confusion.

How do you fit in blogging with children?

Admittedly, it is a challenge. You need to be committed to writing and find opportunities in your schedule. I have a mommy's helper come in to keep them busy a few hours a week so I can write and not feel guilty about ignoring my kids or using the TV as a babysitter.

When I started blogging I did a lot at night after the kids were in bed. This made for some long days but it was the best way for me to get things done without interruption.

Favorite blogging snack? A hot beverage, usually tea but the occasional cup of coffee sneaks in there.

Music? I don't really listen to music when I am blogging. It usually distracts me. I use music more when I am cleaning or driving because I like it to keep me moving. I also listen to music when I just feel the need to dance and lift my spirits.

Tell us a little bit about your non-blogging life.
When I am not working on the computer, I am usually running after my kids, cleaning up or keeping them busy so they stay out of trouble. Seems I am turning into a regular soccer mom with one child in Tae Kwan Do and the other in gymnastics.

I am a health coach by trade and have been working on local marketing for that lately. I am excited to have a number of events coming up and that is keeping me running. It also encourages me to workout and keep my energy up by eating well.

In the time that is left over I am hanging out with my wife, Joanne, or knitting. I always have 3-5 projects going at the same time so there is always something to keep my hands busy. It's also a good reason to watch Grey's Anatomy and The Chew. I love my DVR. Don't know how I lived without it. Actually I do, and I don't miss all those VCR tapes I used to tape my shows in the past.

Thanks Theresa! Be sure to visit Theresa's Blogs and Join Theresa us for an online screening of “Hungry for Change” by the producers of “Food Matters”.

This ground breaking documentary reveals how:

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* The food marketed to help you lose weight is actually stealing your energy and health
* What you can do to reclaim your health
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Brought to you by Theresa Grisanti, Karen Vizer and Gina Macaluso

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