November 10

Devil’s Hand Book Review


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   Devil's Hand

A Las Vegas poker ace with supernatural luck is swept into a world-ending conflict between fallen angels and otherworldly shades, in a thrilling new novel for readers who enjoy Jim Butcher, Richard Kadrey, and Tim Powers.

The lone survivor of a tragic plane crash, Trent Hawkins inherited a mysterious lucky streak that made him famous, and hated, in the poker circles of the City of Sin. It wasn’t long before the eyes in the sky threw him on the blacklist and chased him out of town. Now, after years away, Trent returns to Las Vegas, and walks right back into trouble.

As a serial kidnapper terrorizes the city, Trent and his wife, Susan, rescue a strange, thirteen year-old girl, only to find themselves caught in a fallen angel’s plot to cleanse Las Vegas with an unholy blizzard.

As the neon dims and the city freezes, Trent is forced to make terrible sacrifices in order to protect his new charge, and learns dark truths about himself and the creatures plotting against mankind. Poker-playing demons, fallen angels, and otherworldly shades all vie to enlist his strange luck, and Trent must choose his role in the coming War, or watch our world fall to ruin beneath a blanket of shadow and ice.

Mandie's Thoughts –

I have to tell you I have NEVER been this conflicted over a book before…ever. I want to love it and I want to hate it.  Let's start with what I didn't like. I wanted to toss it after the first chapter, it did nothing for me and I felt there were some sentences that went on for three miles. The ‘F' word was tossed around like nothing. I understand some people talk like this but I don't. Every once in awhile is okay, I know that's how you define characters but please, use another word. Oh and the violence. There was one scene that left me queasy and very disturbed.

Now for what I loved. The characters were well developed and there were so many layers to the story. Most importantly I couldn't put it down. I love my characters flawed and Trent certainly is. Trent's wife Susan was my favorite character, you'd have to be a special person to put up with him.

Throw in some demons and a lot of action and you have one heck of a ride!

Read an Excerpt             Buy it for Kindle only $2.99    Buy the paperback

Visit the author's blog and sign up for his newsletter. I am to see when the next book comes out.



I received a book to review from Pump up your book tours for my honest review, no other compensation received.


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