December 16

Donate to Cancer Research


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9f01fcdacc4d732aefc024d8b438ac18-bpfull.jpg  Both of my parents died of Cancer. My father had lunch cancer and my mother had Hodgkin. My aunt died of Breast cancer too. I'm VERY pro-active with cancer research. I believe in eating healthy and taking care of yourself but sometimes people get cancer because of heredity like I very well might.

Dr. Lee Roy Morgan is working on an experimental new drug for breast cancer, even if the cancer spreads to other parts of the body. is designed to advocate for and fund clinical trials and medical research projects to advance this ground-breaking, life-saving research along as fast as possible.

You can help by donating to help. Even a small amount to a cureLauncher project, you’re providing much needed support to world class medical scientists who are working to develop lifesaving drugs and medical devices for those suffering from cancer and other terminal illness.

This is something VERY VERY dear to my heart. You can Donate to cancer research today. Support researchers with a passion for bringing a cure to patients. Connect to clinical trials that save lives. Choose to take action. Strengthen hope. I've watched people die from these horrible diseases and I KNOW we will find a cure in this life time!



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