October 4

Easy Troll Lollipops and Tampico Beverages Trolls Flavor Hunt Contest


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Brought to you by Tampico Beverages

We are such huge fans of Trolls. I loved them as a child and my girls loved them as well when we watched it as a family. We’ve become huge fans of the DreamWorksTV’s animated series “Trolls: The Beat Goes On” on Netflix and a new season was just released!

One of our favorite juice drinks Tampico partnered with the series and in addition to the Troll wrapped six-packs in stores, Tampico has introduced its interactive Flavor Hunt on Instagram!

In celebration of the show and contest, I decided to share my Easy Troll Lollipops. They are perfect for your Troll inspired birthday party or just as a fun crafty treat for your kids!

My easy Troll Lollipops are a super cute craft that your Troll fans will love! The Troll lollipops also make a great party centerpiece when you add them to a small mason jar filled with brightly colored candies.

What you need – 

  • Your favorite lollipops. We got dum dums as they come in big bags
  • Colorful candies to fill your jars
  • Small Mason Jars – they come in a pack of 4
  • Your favorite colored tulle
  • String, rubber bands, or ribbon
  • scissors

You need to go through the bag of candies to choose the best colors for your jars. We took out the red and purple ones because they were too dark for what we wanted. The kids liked the idea of eating the cast-offs right away.

The Troll lollipops were super easy. You can make them any color you want. I opted to buy four different colors of tulle. You don't need a lot. I wanted a rainbow of colors so I went with pink, blue, purple, and yellow. I only got 1/2 yard of each which was $.50 each at a craft store.

I folded over the tulle and cut in a 3 x 3 section. You don't have to be exact and you can fold it over as many times as you want. Less makes a lighter color and more equals a darker color. I had a total of four layers because I wanted it to be a little darker.

Fold it in half and snip a little hole with scissors. Make sure it is just large enough to stick the lollipop stick in. If you make it too large the lollipop will go through the hole. If this happens, don't worry. Just move over a little and do it again. Nothing has to be exact with these. That is the beauty of this fun easy craft.

Once you have the hole cut stick the lollipop in and fold the tulle up around it. You can use a small rubber band, ribbon, or thread to tie it. I chose thread and cut off the excess.

Ta da! Wasn't that easy? Some people sell these on Etsy for parties but I think it is more than easy enough to make them yourself.

Let me know below if you are going to make some Easy Troll Lollipop pick up some Tampico drinks to celebrate “Trolls: The Beat Goes On”!

Don't forget Tampico is introducing its interactive Flavor Hunt on Instagram!

Participants can enter the sweepstakes by finding the Tampico six-packs scattered throughout Troll Village, for a chance to win a $100 Netflix gift card. If you want to participate simply click the link below to begin! https://www.instagram.com/tampicoofficial/



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