October 18

Frankenstein Wine Glass Craft


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Frankenstein Wine Glass Craft

Frankenstein Wine Glass Craft

I am notorious for breaking wine glasses, not because I'm tipsy but because I'm just very clutsy. Especially with wine glasses, they are top heavy. Lately I've been buying them at the dollar store. No they aren't like Riedel wine glasses but they are sturdy and that is what I need.

Since the glasses were only $1 a piece I stocked up and decided to make some fun crafts. The first was is this adorable Frankenstein Wine Glass Craft. It was pretty easy to make too!

What You Need for this Frankenstein Wine Glass Craft

Lime green and black enamel craft paint
Black and white puffy paint
Wine glass
Tealight candle
Foam paint brush
Small tipped paint brush
Paper plate/paint palette

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This is really fun and surprisingly easy to make.
For easy clean up, lay down an old newspaper before you get started. Next place your wine glass bowl side down onto your newspaper. Then squirt a small amount of green and black paint onto a paper plate or paint palette.

After that use your foam foam brush to paint the inside and outside bowl of your wine glass with two coats of lime green paint and let dry.

Clean your brush and paint the base and stem with two coats of black paint and let dry. With your smaller paint brush, paint on Frankenstein's hair using a zip zag pattern all the way around the stem on top of the bowl.

Now use your white puffy paint to paint of Frankenstein's eyes.

Then use your black puffy paint to draw dots inside the white eyes, a mouth, and a scar by his eye and let dry.


When you are finished place a tea light on top of the base of the wine glass for looks or use a battery operated tea light. It is so adorable and gets so many compliments!

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